Spotlight on WFX Dallas 2017

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WFX Conference and Expo Moves to 5-Conference Format, Specialized Keynotes

Each conference (Tech Arts, Next-Gen Buildings, Church Communications, Safety and Security, and WeAreWorship) in Dallas will pack in individualized training, inspiration.
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Volunteers and Consoles: Placing Volunteers in the Audio ‘Hot Seat’

The faster you move on getting potential volunteers into action, the faster you will have full-fledged audio operators confident…

Portable Sound Systems: Flexibility, Options Key To Right Setup

If we choose our portable systems wisely, we can turn these quick setups, that can sometimes be distracting,…


Behind the Scenes at Grace Point Church

Check out this 7-minute behind-the-scenes video designed by Grace Point Church in San Antonio, Texas, which back in June had a fire that seriously damaged its sanctuary.

The Events Your Church Should Be Streaming

PTZ Cameras for Church: Why Not FullHD?

Finding enough able bodies to work those cameras for each and every service can often be a tough hill to climb. Consider PTZ cameras.

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Worship Facilities Magazine, May-June 2017

The May-June 2017 issue of Worship Facilities Magazine includes a series of recent articles that appeared on the Worship Tech Director website over the last few months, as part of a special edition, first made available to InfoComm 2017 attendees.

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