The Value Behind Sound Check and Rehearsals

Music and arts ministries, and the tech crews that serve their needs, must work together to determine ‘the signature sound’ of…

5 Things To Know Before Choosing an Integrator

If you are not looking forward to working with your integrator, don’t hire them. Consider them as part of…


The Events Your Church Should Be Streaming

While Sunday services seem to be the most popular events to stream, there are many other ceremonies and events hosted by the church that people would love to watch if they were available to them.

WFX15: Maintaining the Life of Your Building, Equipment

Wireless Handheld Mics: 11 Systems Worth A Review

With models ranging from those offered by the likes of Gemini and Galaxy Audio to Sennheiser and Shure, quality wireless mic options exist.

Magazine Archive

Worship Facilities Magazine, September 2016

The September issue of Worship Facilities Magazine, with articles pertaining to a church that recently installed an LED wall and another church that transformed a traditional space.

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