The Unnecessary Strain of Originality in Filmmaking

As part of a creative church staff with no ties to Hollywood's connections or deep pockets, how can one replicate those famously…

In‑Ear Monitors: Hear The Music

In the interest of having your talent receiving an optimal mix, in-ears often go a long way toward…


WFX15: Maintaining the Life of Your Building, Equipment

Session speaker Clerke of the Works Timothy O'Malley for The Episcopal Diocese of Arizona discusses how to assemble a 20-year maintenance and capital budget/plan.

WFX15: Figuring Out Your Brand and Communicating It

8 Top Notch Church Install Projects

Over the span of the last eight months, these eight install projects stand as the most impressive on Worship Tech Director.

Magazine Archive

Worship Facilities Magazine, July-August 2016

The July-August issue of Worship Facilities Magazine, with articles pertaining to facilities management and a profile on a church that transitioned to a significant cost-saver of LED lights.

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