In-Ear Monitors: Custom Molded a Worthy Investment

Why spend all that money on gear to get the right tone and then not be able to hear any of it, because you use iPod-style earbuds?

5 Things To Know Before Choosing an Integrator

If you are not looking forward to working with your integrator, don’t hire them. Consider them as part of…


Behind the Scenes at Grace Point Church

Check out this 7-minute behind-the-scenes video designed by Grace Point Church in San Antonio, Texas, which back in June had a fire that seriously damaged its sanctuary.

The Events Your Church Should Be Streaming

2016 New Product Awards - Lighting

The following 10 entrants were part of the 2016 New Product Awards, with the submissions from CHAUVET, Elation, Mega Systems, Mod Scenes, and Unilumin earning winning entries.

Magazine Archive

Worship Facilities Magazine, September 2016

The September issue of Worship Facilities Magazine, with articles pertaining to a church that recently installed an LED wall and another church that transformed a traditional space.

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