5 Apps for Filmmakers (That Aren’t Editing Software)

For those who work on film on a regular basis as part of their job, software choices still go well beyond just those that help with film editing.

5 Apps for Filmmakers (That Aren’t Editing Software)
A simple app that keeps your laptop screen display from going to sleep, ideally very helpful when showing a long presentation.
5 Apps for Filmmakers (That Aren’t Editing Software)
A simple app that keeps your laptop screen display from going to sleep, ideally very helpful when showing a long presentation.

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5 Apps for Filmmakers (That Aren’t Editing Software)

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1. DaisyDisk

If you do all your own file management, DaisyDisk is such a time saver. The top down style visualization makes it super easy to see where files are and what’s clogging up your drive. So if you fill up terabytes of space on your drives each month like me, it’s definitely worth the $9.99.

2. Noizio

I need sound to stay focused. Noizio definitely does the trick for me when I’m sitting around for hours at a time, working on editing dialog. Since I can’t have music running all the time without it distracting from what I need to be listening to, being able to making a subtle background soundscape is an awesome productivity boost.

3. Caffeine

Caffeine is crazy simple and it’s been a must have on my laptop for years. Click the coffee mug and it will keep your computer and display from going to sleep. It’s super useful for when you’re running a long export or if you’re showing a video and just want to be sure the screensaver won’t pop up mid-presentation.

4. f.lux

Another one that I’ve been using for years is f.lux. Now with night shift mode on iOS, most people get the idea of what f.lux does. Basically blue light being streamed into your face constantly isn’t great for your sleep or health. f.lux will tint the color of your screen to fit with the time of day to try and help keep your sleep cycle in check and be easier on your eyes. Just make sure you remember to turn it off when you’re color grading.

5. Knock

Knock just makes logging into your computer easier and honestly it’s just really cool. You pair your phone to the app on your laptop and just knock twice and it takes care of the logging in for you. This is especially useful if you’re trying to be more secure and use longer more complex passwords.

These are just some apps that I use every day that help smooth out my workflow. Are there any that you would add to this list? Hit me up on Twitter @cameraSeth

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Seth Piper is a filmmaker and editor based out of Tulsa, Okla. He currently works as the Video Director of Asbury United Methodist Church, and oversees both live broadcast and short form video production. Having attended film school at Biola University in Los Angeles and worked in commercial production, he was a wide range of experience in many different film environments. Follow him on Twitter @cameraSeth to keep up with his work.
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