Are You Ready to Livestream Your Worship Services?

No matter what choice you are looking at, start with laying out your end goal. With so many options coming out, livestreaming is quickly becoming a consideration.

Are You Ready to Livestream Your Worship Services?
A number of amazing products have been announced and released recently to help ease the technical difficulty in streaming for those working in houses of worship. These include Blackmagic Design's ATEM Television Studio HD, as shown being in use on a monitor.

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Are You Ready to Livestream Your Worship Services?

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Five PTZ Camera Brands Worth A Closer Look
The most important thing, though, is to recognize that cameras allow our worship services to reach beyond the four walls of the local church.

This new standard is greatly enhanced, and has the capability for high-quality video that is 1080p, and up to 60 frames per second.

Products are being announced monthly that cater to the NDI market, such as Tally Lights and HDMI/SDI converters. The unique thing about NDI is the open protocol for third-party companies to develop within the architecture. Imagine being able to pull up any video source on any screen throughout your building, using just an Intel Compute Stick for $150 and the free NewTek application.

Of the products mentioned above, vMIX is the only one that currently takes in an NDI signal, and I believe that NDI is where video is headed.

Soon, we may no longer need any cable other than a simple Cat5e/Cat6. I am excited to see how vMix can replace and provide more capabilities than our trusty Blackmagic ATEM 4k Studio. I should note that I have been satisfied with our Blackmagic switcher, as we were merely looking to streamline three different devices into one.

With the technology rapidly changing, it seems to me that vMix is continuously ahead of the curve. It is a smaller, more agile company that enjoys making their product the best that it can be. One such example, is the amazing work to bring Web Captioner ( to vMix. Web Captioner has tremendous value to live caption your service by feeding in an audio signal. From there, vMix is able to see the output on the network to use it as a video source. It would take tens of thousands of dollars previously to have this capability. While not related to live to stream, this may be an excellent solution for church attendees who have some form of hearing loss.

Maybe you are looking for a simplified stream, without a production truck’s worth of bells and whistles. This is where the new Sling Studio comes into play. We own the hub and three camera connect devices, and I have fallen in love with it. This is a fantastic way to take in video sources from many types of devices, without some of the headaches of matching the exact frame rates.

We regularly use our drone, Canon cameras, and GoPros to feed into the switcher. We also run ProPresenter and use the hard-wired input on the device to display slides and videos. You are also able to add in graphics from the SD card, which can be overlaid onto the program out or just about any configuration.

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Ryan Brenneman is the Director of Operations for Lighthouse of Hope Church in Cumberland, Maryland, and owns New Grace Media, a pioneer in the livestream and virtual tour market. Ryan is a graduate from Liberty University and an avid fan of seeing the church reach others through innovative approaches.
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