AVI-SPL Plans Free Collaboration Expo Series

The free event will hit six major U.S cities, starting next month.

AVI-SPL Plans Free Collaboration Expo Series
AVI-SPL Plans Free Collaboration Expo Series


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The AVI-SPL Collaboration Expo 2012 is coming soon to a city near you. The mini tour is brought to you by the AVI-SPL, the leading provider of video communications and collaboration solutions. The event will bring networking and live demonstrations to all of its attendees—and all of it is absolutely free.

Over 25 manufacturers will be on hand in six major cities, including Dallas, Washington, DC, Chicago, New York City, Tampa, Fla., and Anaheim, Calif.

Industry vet Andrew W. Davis is scheduled to be the event’s keynote speaker. Davis is a researcher, analyst and co-founder of Wainhouse Research, a boutique analyst firm that concentrates on collaborating products and services, such as audio, video, and web conferencing and unified communications. Davis also serves as the principal editor of The Wainhouse Research Bulletin.

Davis will present “Beyond ROI: Finding Real Value in Collaboration,” which will discuss today’s work environment and its changes due to the adoption of telepresence, Unified Communications, mobility, videoconferencing, and the cloud. He will also share some insight on how IT pros, line managers and other executives can get an effective return on their investments.

“The most obvious change in the work environment I’ve noticed is the shift away from phone and email communications due to the younger workforce and more use of mobile and social tools. You can’t help noticing that everyone today has a ‘follow me’ link for Twitter, Facebook, etc.,” says Davis. “Mainstream enterprise communications today is still driven by audio conferencing, but web is coming up fast.  I expect videoconferencing to explode as the application is ‘ported’ to tablets and smartphones.”

Other sessions will include:

  • AVI-SPL: Managing the Video Enterprise  
  • Biamp: Networked Media Systems – The Future of Conferencing
  • Cables to Go: Digital Video Evolution (AIA, InfoComm, NSCA and BISCI credits)
  • Cisco: The Architecture of Collaboration    
  • Crestron: Top 10 Considerations When Selecting a Digital Distribution System
  • Extron: Managing the Digital Connection: Strategies to Build Successful Systems
  • Lifesize: HD Video Conferencing for Anyone, Anywhere on Any Device
  • Polycom: Putting the “Unified” in Unified Communications

Each Expo stop will last from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. local time, with stops in the following cities:

  • Dallas, TX: April 18
  • Washington, DC: May 9
  • Chicago, IL: September 13
  • New York, NY: September 25
  • Tampa, FL: October 18
  • Anaheim, CA: October 30

For more detailed information about the AVI-SPL Collaboration Expo, as well as the venues, check out the event’s website. You can also get a sneak peek at the upcoming event in the teaser video below.


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5 Things To Know Before Choosing an Integrator
If you are not looking forward to working with your integrator, don’t hire them. Consider them as part of your staff.

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