Church Communications: Taking Inventory

As church communicators, we have but one purpose: to share the gospel — the good news of Jesus Christ, so that God is glorified and His people edified.

Church Communications: Taking Inventory
If Christianity is about a personal relationship with Christ, then Christians should develop personal relationships with the public.

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Church Communications: Taking Inventory

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Church Communications: Taking Inventory
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Should You Decide to Accept It

Jesus’ other command was before his ascension: You are to be my witnesses in Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth. He also said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” Because we can reach the ends of the earth with electronic media, we run the risk of missing the people next door – by not using word of mouth, or relying too much on word of mouth internally.

To enact the communications mission with these New Testament ideas, we present your next communication challenge: legwork. You’ll need to take a tour of your harvest field. So, envision Judea and Samaria as adjacent communities, from which your congregation may draw.

To help you, do this: Draw a circle of a three-mile radius around your church.

No Man is a Three-Mile Island

In his book, “Relational Children’s Ministry,” author Dan Lovaglia recommends taking inventory of resources before endeavoring to expand ministry, add equipment or change personnel. The same principle applies here, especially with regards to external communications: take inventory.

• Using your three-mile radius as a starting point, take a tour of the businesses, schools, community service agencies. Who are the people who oversee them? What are they doing to connect with community needs? Are there any similarities with your ongoing events, classes or programs?
• What are the electronic resources you utilize to send the gospel message beyond your building? Take inventory of those materials and how they’re used. Are there neighbors who may lend a hand?
• Expand the concept of taking inventory to media

What We Have Here Is…

A great failure of church communication is having a corporate, non-holiday event, and underestimating its worth and gospel potential. Take a look at your church calendar: service activities, events, Bible studies and sermon series. Does your church address ongoing community needs, neither of you has considered? Do you have guest speakers or ongoing classes, not associated with a holiday, that may be newsworthy? Plan those events with an external audience in mind, and prepare your internal audience to receive guests.

Another failure is not utilizing your electronic resources effectively – reminding congregants to share and repost information, or by not including links to register for classes or events online or emails.

A similar misstep is effectively attracting guests, but not embracing them by and interacting with them, as if everyone knows each other and what to do throughout the service. Accordingly, it is essential in every activity planned by a host church—always expect that your audience will include one person who has never been in your building.

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