Elation Proteus Beam Moving Head Set to Empower Creativity

First in Proteus series of IP-rated arc source fixtures created from extensive R&D work, with the ability to use the fixture when inclement weather occurs.

Elation Proteus Beam Moving Head Set to Empower Creativity
The Proteus Beam is a versatile luminaire that does not compromise on features.
Elation Proteus Beam Moving Head Set to Empower Creativity
The Proteus Beam is a versatile luminaire that does not compromise on features.

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The Proteus Beam™, the first in Elation Professional’s Proteus™ series of IP-rated, discharge-lamp moving head lights and an LDI Best Debuting Product Award winner, is now available to the market.

Proteus moving heads are high-performance, next-level intelligent lighting solutions designed to excel under varying weather conditions. Engineered specifically to empower designer creativity without the constraints of weather, technical, or brightness, the Proteus Beam is a professional moving head beam luminaire with top-level functionality, power and features to bring ideas to light.

“The Proteus Beam is a giant step forward for our company and our industry,” stated Elation Sales Director Eric Loader. “As more and more outdoor events occur each year, production companies need a reliable, full-featured, moving head beam solution that can deliver the performance they need under any conditions while protecting their investment. Our goal is to give designers the utmost freedom to design any event or project just the way they see fit. The ability to use the fixture when inclement weather occurs, and control it remotely from up to 2,000 feet away via the built-in wireless DMX, only adds to the flexibility and power of the Proteus Beam. We’ve put years of extensive R&D work, market research and planning into developing this next-tier product line and are very excited to start delivering them to customers this month.”

Fulfills real industry need

Featuring a sophisticated yet pragmatic design, the Proteus Beam gives designers the freedom to utilize the latest technology at any event, indoors or out. Compact, robust and budget friendly, Elation’s first ever IP-rated discharge-lamp moving head series provides solutions to real industry needs. Outdoor events bring their own set of logistical challenges and with Proteus Elation has eliminated the need for costly shrouds and weatherproof coverings while doing away with the compromise that often comes with using IP-rated LED units.

Professional feature set

Proteus is another example of Elation’s mission to offer the best value/performance ratio fixtures on the market. Along with the ruggedness to withstand the elements, the Proteus Beam is a versatile luminaire that does not compromise on features. Using the new Philips™ 14R 280W lamp and housing an advanced optical system with focus, the fixture produces a bright and extremely precise 2-degree beam. Design features include full CMY color mixing, a 13-slot dichroic color wheel (including Quad Color, CTO, CTB and UV), eight rotating replaceable gobos, plus 13 static-fixed gobos. The beam can be manipulated via features like five- and 32-facet rotating prisms and a frost filter which designers can turn to when a softer wash effect is needed.

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