Environmental Projection: Getting It Done Without Projectors

Besides lighting your team well with front and back light so that they are seen and have depth, the cohesive look of a set or environment behind them now puts them in a space that has depth.

Environmental Projection: Getting It Done Without Projectors
The view of how a three-projector system can transform a worship space by using environmental projection.

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Environmental Projection: Getting It Done Without Projectors

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Now for the last one.

Third, gobos projected on your stage walls and other surfaces can provide an environmental projection look at a fraction of the cost. Here, Wyatt Johnston from Fellowship Bible Church in Topeka, Kansas, uses some wash lights and gobos to expand the look and feel of their stage. We can see that the environment is now almost three times the width of just the stage area.

Finally, the spaces our churches are housed in vary greatly and require very different approaches. You may be in a converted shopping mall or a 200-year-old historic building, but either way, I encourage you to experiment with different things to see what works best for your situation.

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