Environmental Projection: Take Your Congregation To New Places

A great solution for churches seeking to bring back some intimacy into their space is the tool of environmental projection.

Environmental Projection: Take Your Congregation To New Places
At Trinity Fellowship Church, a view of the church in the round, paired with the use of environmental projection.

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Environmental Projection: Take Your Congregation To New Places

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But then I realized … I have no idea how to do EP, let alone doing it in a 360 degree space. Time to research.

My research led me down a few paths, but ultimately we still weren’t 100 percent sure this was a venture we wanted to be glued to, so budget was the name of the game. We ended up finding some used DLP 35,000-lumen projectors for sale at a good price, so we nabbed those. Around this time I had heard about new software (this whole process happened back in 2012 by the way) that had come out which would put media server-like power in my laptop, so I also bought a license for ArKaos MediaMaster, and I was off to the races.

We really wanted the space to be fully encompassing, so we decided to also include our current DLP 45,000 projectors into mix as well and swapped the lenses out, so they would cover the area around the screen more, then it was a simple picture in picture set up to include them into the mix.

In the first year, I used one laptop and did a triple wide set up. We ran the cables out and split them into four groups North, South, East, West to create the look we wanted. By the second year, I added a second laptop in and linked them together to create a six wide set up. All said and done, the room became exactly what we had in mind, and everyone loved it so much that we actually still use it every weekend to this day.

Since this process began, I have used EP to transform multiple spaces in our church. To me, it’s always an interesting challenge to try and think of projectors and their use in the same way, that I try to think about the flexibility of a light.

I have done basic double wide blended setups for our youth with high energy graphics, a single projector mapped onto Coroplast rectangles to give a stained glass effect, and all the way to mapping a projector into a 3D diamond filled with haze to bring it to life. The point is, if you let yourself stop thinking of the video thing hanging in the air as something stuck there and only doing what it does, you can end up taking your church members to all new places and changing the overall feel of your services.

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Kevin Penrod has been studying lighting design for 11 years. He attended college at West Texas A&M, where he studied Theatre Arts with concentrations in Lighting Design and Business Management. He is currently the Lighting Designer at Trinity Fellowship Church in Amarillo, Texas, where he manages the creative lighting design, scenic elements, and their implementation. In his free time, Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife and newborn son and remodeling his home.
Get in Touch: kevinpenrod@tfc.org    More by Kevin Penrod

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