Indiana Church Upgrades Projectors, Sticks With BenQ

Congregation, band, youth leaders see projector upgrade completed in October as a positive move for church.

Indiana Church Upgrades Projectors, Sticks With BenQ
A view of the worship space at Advance Community Christian Church in Advance, Indiana, with the two BenQ SX920 projectors shown, which were installed in early October at the church.

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Indiana Church Upgrades Projectors, Sticks With BenQ

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ADVANCE, Ind. – As recently as a couple months ago, the Advance Community Christian Church was using its second pair of BenQ projectors in its worship space over the last 15 years, with the then-current set having been in operation at the church for the last five. The church, though, found itself on the cusp of needing another projector upgrade, when one BenQ projector began showing a single dead pixel displaying at the center of one of its two screens.

For one of church’s members who have helped with the ACCC’s audio and video needs for years, Roger Henry, the church decided to once again go with BenQ, upgrading both projectors, while at the same time finding a way to repurpose the previous pair of BenQ projectors elsewhere in the church.

The two primary projectors that were upgraded were changed to a pair of native XGA (1024x768 resolution) BenQ SX920 projectors. Each unit offers an estimated 2,000 hours of lamp life, with a brightness of 5,000 ANSI lumens and a 3,000:1 contrast ratio.

“We also didn’t even question the brand when it came to (the upgrade) this time.”

While the option of laser projectors might be becoming more common for a few churches across the country, as noted by Indy Pro Audio president John Bruno Schaeffer, the cost aspect still makes lamp projectors a worthwhile choice for many smaller churches.

“(Laser projectors often) are still over that $10,000 price range, while for lamp projectors, you can have a small lumen factor, but good optics, where there is good brightness and color contrast,” he said. “The prices for the projectors keep dropping like a rock in a pond, while the lumens and pixel capability keep going up and up. And the lamps have also come down in price in recent years. I think they are now $200 (a piece), which is not too bad, since in the past, it was around $600.”

Beyond just the cost factor, to Schaeffer, the SX920 also was an ideal choice, because it was “easy to mount and easy to zoom in,” he added.

For Henry, he saw no reason for the church to make the move to laser projectors.

“There wasn’t any need to go to the other type, and we were very happy with the type we had. We also didn’t even question the brand when it came to this time,” Henry said. “It was also based on John’s recommendation, and what he’s installed at other churches and what they have been happy with.”

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