It Takes Hard Work To Get To Sound Check

Being able to work toward nailing each area every week will bring your team closer to achieving smooth services week in and week out.

It Takes Hard Work To Get To Sound Check
All tech members should also arrive on time, if not early as well. Maybe ProPresenter and camera operators are not really needed until after sound check. But use this time to get your station in order, power things up, look at the stage plot, look at where things are on stage, talk to the tech director or video director to get additional suggestions for your service, and look over Planning Center.

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It Takes Hard Work To Get To Sound Check
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I always feel that if we do our best to plan and prepare, that being able to handle the last-minute needed changes comes easier and handled more professionally. It’s not just that, but what if your teams have had a chance to really fine tune all the details and already have an instinct for the event?

God already knows what you are going to be doing for your weekend services.

There’s a good chance things will not only go off extremely well, but your teams will be doing it from a much more creative space, rather than a space of just trying to keep up.

So how does one get to running their weekend service from a place of creativity? The answer would be how you prepare, communicate and work as a team.

I can’t emphasize those key points enough.

Being able to work toward nailing each area every week will bring your team closer to achieving smooth services week in and week out.

Let’s just say, it takes a lot of hard work, before anyone gets to come in for just the sound check. Let’s look over some key areas that we can strive to improve in to make the sound check moment all come together.

Planning to plan

There is a great deal that can be done in advance prior to sound check. Having a clear path of communication is key across all teams involved with weekend services to having enough time to plan and prepare. Just to be clear here. God already knows what you are going to be doing for your weekend services. For some churches, the biggest struggle is simply getting information to teams for weekends in advance to prepare.

And yes, pastors I’m talking to you.

I have news for you folks, Sunday comes every seven days. It’s very predictable that that seventh day will come, and there is no reason we can’t set a schedule for preparing for that day.

Create a weekly schedule with deadlines to decide songs, turn in sermon notes, or any other content that needs to be turned in for weekend services. Likewise on the receiving end, make sure there are people scheduled to receive all the various service items to begin their preparation.

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