It Takes Hard Work To Get To Sound Check

Being able to work toward nailing each area every week will bring your team closer to achieving smooth services week in and week out.

It Takes Hard Work To Get To Sound Check
All tech members should also arrive on time, if not early as well. Maybe ProPresenter and camera operators are not really needed until after sound check. But use this time to get your station in order, power things up, look at the stage plot, look at where things are on stage, talk to the tech director or video director to get additional suggestions for your service, and look over Planning Center.

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It Takes Hard Work To Get To Sound Check
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Planning to prepare

Once information has been put out there for the teams, there are several things that can be done to make sure when it’s time for sound check, everyone can smoothly get to the actual sound check process.

Stage plots and input lists should be available and can help both band and tech know where people are to be on stage. If you are using Planning Center Online, place those PDFs for everyone to have access to.

Audio should have all cables, mics, direct inputs (or DI’s), consoles patched and labeled, presets recalled, and any other service item you can think of in place and line checked well in advance of the band coming in. Your song lyrics should already be in place and if possible, reviewed by your worship leader.

Planning to do it

It’s almost time for sound check. It’s OK if I come in a little late, right?

No. No, it’s not.

In fact, those that don’t take sound check time seriously impact everyone across all teams involved in a very negative way. I do mean that, it holds up tech, it holds up everyone on stage that suddenly has to do another sound check, because someone came in 30 minutes late.

Sound check downbeat time should be taken seriously. I do want to state, sometimes grace needs to be given for some reasons, sometimes stuff just happens and is out of our control.

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Debbie Keough is currently a freelance audio engineer based in the Orange County area of Southern California. She has held FOH, lighting, media and technical director positions from the largest megachurches to smaller local churches. Additionally, she is an instructor at The Recording Arts Center in San Diego, California. She loves mixing and her heart is to teach, encourage and raise up the next generation of technical artists in the church. She can be reached on Instagram and Twitter @debbiekeough.
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