Out With the PA, In With the Line Array

Family Church Downtown in Florida undergoes full AVL retrofit with L-Acoustics system.

Out With the PA, In With the Line Array
The Family Church Downtown in West Palm Beach, Fla., recently installed in September a L-Acoustics line array system, with a combination of 20 Kara enclosures, three flown SB18 single 18-inch subwoofers per side, four SB28 dual 18-inch subwoofers positioned underneath the stage and four 8XTi speakers for front fill.

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – For Family Church Downtown, formerly known as First Baptist Church, after more than 20 years, it was decided that it was time to move on from an aging Altec-Lansing PA system at its West Palm Beach space.

“For what we are trying to do, we absolutely envisioned (the need to upgrade the sound system), as it was pretty obvious we were going to need that many speakers, to make our space work.”

In its place, the church opted for a significant sound system upgrade, completed in September. It features an L-Acoustics line array system at that location, with the new rig comprising of 20 Kara enclosures, flown left to right. As part of the configuration in the 144-foot long by 80-foot wide space (with a rear balcony), it also includes three flown SB18 single 18-inch subwoofers per side – arranged in a cardioid pattern, with one reversed in the array of three – and four SB28 dual 18-inch subwoofers that are positioned underneath the stage.

For Family Church Downtown’s supervisor for technical services, Michael Millington, the substantial upgrade didn’t come as a surprise.

“For what we are trying to do, we absolutely envisioned it, as it was pretty obvious we were going to need that many speakers, to make our space work,” he said. “The (sound) system was 24 years old, and the goal was to have a new system that would last another 20 years.”

Helping to make the final decision was Jupiter, Fla.-based Peerson Audio, Inc., which has become commonplace for the church. As noted by company president Allen Peerson, his father helped install the original system when the church was built and it also “put in the center cluster system over 20 years ago.”

To Millington, the choice of having Peerson Audio work on the project was a logical one.

“They are not only our go-to for this campus, but for our other six campuses. We tell them what we want, and they do a great job,” he added. While the line arrays were installed in about a week, the full L-Acoustics system took an additional week, and the cabling took about a month to install. Despite those different aspects of work, Millington emphasized, “We had no interruption of service, no interruption of audio.”

With the upgrade, it notably improved low-end performance throughout the building, in large part by combining a mix of flown subs and subs placed below the stage. In addition to the subs, Peerson installed four 8XTi speakers for front fill. Serving to handle the system and drive the entire rig of 34 speaker units are six L-Acoustics LA4X amplified controllers, along with two LA8 amplified controllers.

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