Rebuild: What Do You Do When The Church Burns Down?

Despite the tragedy of the fire, a great number of friends stepped up to support the church and allow them to continue holding services while the church could move forward and rebuild.

Rebuild: What Do You Do When The Church Burns Down?
Grace Point Church, in San Antonio, Texas, shortly following a fire that destroyed their church building (left), a sketch of the reconstructed worship center (center), and the space being used for a recent worship service (right).

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Rebuild: What Do You Do When The Church Burns Down?

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Worship Facilities Magazine, January-February 2018
The January-February 2018 issue of Worship Facilities Magazine offers articles about the many steps a church had to take in the aftermath of a fire, and another involving a church making the jump to 4K.

Grace Point

We redesigned the Worship Center to have the best audio. Our other areas of ministry have been enviable systems in the past. Ten years ago, people would come from all around to marvel at the children’s ministry and we wanted to employ the same principles with sound. We chose to not compromise on sound because it’s how the Gospel was heard and we wanted the clearest most audibly clean experience for our people.

Our Worship and Creative Arts staff and volunteers worked well beyond the expected hours, and when no one else was around they saw to it to get this thing designed and off the ground. It was a tough experience, but an eye opening and interesting one nonetheless.

Grace Point

Still a lot of work needed to be done. Because of some major scheduling problems, the building wasn’t ready but we went forward with the relaunch anyways. I kind of like the raw plywood look. The team put in some 18 hour days and we turned the system on, the day before service.

Grace Point

Grace Point

The process continues, but there are some great people in the Worship and Creative Arts department making progress, despite all of the setbacks with the budget, as well as scheduling issues.

Grace Point

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