Sound Check with Elevation Worship and Cuevas

The single most important experience for promoting musical excellence while bringing worship, pastors and media ministers together in unity and purpose is sound check.

Sound Check with Elevation Worship and Cuevas
Members of the People on a hill team, including Gregory Kayne, left, opened for Elevation Worship during the recent Here & Now Festival in Batavia, New York.
Sound Check with Elevation Worship and Cuevas
Members of the People on a hill team, including Gregory Kayne, left, opened for Elevation Worship during the recent Here & Now Festival in Batavia, New York.

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Sound Check with Elevation Worship and Cuevas

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While the monitor mix engineer communicated with his talkback mic, they continued this process until eye contact was made, and the requests were satisfied. And the best part, the members were not rolling their eyes with impatience. They were quietly smiling. They were patiently waiting. They were showing love and respect, and most certainly not looking at their cell phones.

As we listened to the rest of sound check from backstage, I talked with Ryan Internicola, President of People on a hill, our collective of regional worship leaders and media ministers that have a common goal to raise up the next generation of passionate worshippers.

Me: “So, do you think it’s possible to change the standing church culture, when it comes to sound check?”

Ryan: “Do you mean how long it takes? Or, the process?”

Me: “Both, I guess. I just see so much misunderstanding and lack of respect that can creep into ministries. And yeah, churches need to start with sound checks that are longer than 15 minutes.”

Ryan: “Well, I guess every church will be different with what they need. But what they truly need and what they are practicing are probably two different things.”

Me: “Exactly.” 

Ryan: “The church leadership that values excellence in all areas will continually move toward investing more time and resources. The ones that hold values in only other areas won’t – it’s that simple.”

Me: “Maybe that’s why Elevation Church has over 20,000 members.”

With a smile, that’s where Ryan – my ministry partner and friend for five years – went silent with wisdom.

The philosophy of excellence and vision leading to ministry growth is certainly a hot topic, volatile and can be a slippery slope. But we know that lack of vision breeds’ chaos. (Prov. 29:18)

Psalm 33:3 says, “Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully with a shout of joy.” Yes, as much as we are to play a guitar with skill, we are to play our soundboards with skill. We need to practice and push ourselves to the next level of excellence.

Just as a band invests thousands of dollars in musical gear and upgrades often, houses of worship need to invest in equipment and in people to run the gear – all in the effort to clarify and beautify our worship.

But all of this means little, without relationship.

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Gregory Kayne has more than 25 years of experience in communication, media production and worship leading. He is a ministry development coach, author​ and conference speaker. Contact him directly at
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