Storytelling: Show Off the Life-Changing Power of the Gospel

Nothing is worse than showing up to an interview for a testimony video, for example, with someone you’ve never met, and sitting down for two hours to try and find a decent story to share.

Storytelling: Show Off the Life-Changing Power of the Gospel
First and most important: You need a story to share. You need to always have your antennae up, listening for people sharing about what God is doing in your church.

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Storytelling: Show Off the Life-Changing Power of the Gospel
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I remember being a little kid, hiking with my grandfather, who I have always affectionately called Papaw. When I would visit him in East Tennessee, we would walk off his back porch and into the woods, then onto makeshift trails, up a small hill and into a clearing.

There we would sit, and then he would tell me one of his stories.

My favorites were the Adventures of Brier Rabbit and his friends, and the trouble they would get into.

If we aren’t careful, someone could walk into one of our church services and feel very disconnected.

It was during those hikes with my Papaw, that I fell in love with stories.

I had no idea then, but two decades later, that love of stories, born during those hikes, would shape the trajectory of my life.

It’s crazy to think about how powerful sharing a story can be. Then realize how we could talk for hours about the achievements of Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, J.R.R. Tolkien, Wes Anderson, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Martin Scorsese, Stephen King, and the list could go on and on and on. Each of these people are household names, because of their incredible ability to transport us to faraway places, times, and experiences. They also have the innate ability to captivate us and teach us, and pull on our heartstrings.

Each of them is a great storyteller.

Yet, one day we will forget each of their names.

But we will remember their stories.

The stories we share have great potential to far outlive us.

When I think about all the responsibilities I have been given as Creative Producer at Hope Church in Las Vegas, my favorite by far is being able to tell stories. I love it, because I have been changed by stories. I love it for also having seen stories change the lives of others. Stories transport us, because stories give us new perspective.

I love it, because stories make points we otherwise never could.

As I think about the all the parts of a weekend service, for the most part, to the average person, it can seem like the people on stage have it all together: The pastor has a well prepared message, the musicians and vocalist are rehearsed and ready, the announcements host (most of the time) isn’t just winging it.

If we aren’t careful, someone could walk into one of our church services and feel very disconnected. They can feel like they don’t belong, like they can’t measure up to the pro-Christians they see on stage.

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Micah Ogle serves as the Creative Producer at Hope Church in Las Vegas, Nev. A Tennessee native, Micah moved to the desert to be a part of planting Hope Church, and over the last 10 years, he has seen God bless and multiply the church in Vegas. Micah is a story teller, and always carries a camera, looking for the perfect frame. He is married to Chelsea, is passionate about craft-brewed coffee, shooting medium format film, and Wes Anderson movies.
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