Team Development: The Team Jesus Template, Part I

“Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” – Matthew 6:33

Team Development: The Team Jesus Template, Part I
Members of Elk Grove Baptist Church, located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, pose for a team photo that was before a community service project.

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Team Development: The Team Jesus Template, Part I

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For all the words written, workshops conducted, speeches spoken on “best methods” for building teams and recruiting personnel, there is no better church team-building structure than how Jesus worked with His 12 apostles. 

View your team time to incorporate Bible study, fellowship, prayer, worship and accountability in the task or skill-building training.

Using that structure, called here “The Team Jesus Template,” as the foundation to the additional writings, workshops, speeches and holy imagination you employ, may yield unperceived practical, spiritual and numeric growth in ministry service.

Some concepts may be standard operating procedure for those fortunate churches where personnel and capital resources are fairly abundant.  Nevertheless, the template outlined here is applicable across the size spectrum, for it concentrates on Christ’s primary focus:  the servant’s heart.

The core of “The Team Jesus Template” is this:

1. A clear mission from conception, John 18:37;
2. A widely expressed vision with buy-in of man, Luke 8:4;
3. A diverse, smaller body of aides chosen for select purposes, Luke 6:13;
4. Regular Scripture, fellowship and prayer with that smaller body, Matthew 5:17-19
5. Delegated tasks for that small body to conduct, Matthew 10:5-14;
6. Regular feedback among that team following their tasks for improvement, Matthew 17:14-20;
7. Direct and indirect admonishment, in love, to keep egos in check, John 21:23;
8. Ultimate release of responsibility and authority to the team to train others, Matthew 28:18-20.

Teamwork: It’s A Mindset Thing

Our introductory verse at the top of this piece is the apostle Matthew’s account of The Sermon on the Mount, wherein Jesus reminds His followers to not worry about stuff. “Your heavenly Father,” He said, “knows you need them.”

Yes, Jesus is addressing clothes, food and daily needs; yet the same mindset for ministry may apply. Ministry leaders, especially in smaller venues, tend to be concerned with resources we don’t have (money or people) which can lead to emotional (enemy-spurred) responses to new ideas or new people.

Even maintaining the status quo is a survival skill. All at the expense of sharing the Gospel of Christ.

One of the most life-changing messages I have heard was entitled:  “The Church:  Club or Mission,” by Curt Hansen, then-pastor of Elk Grove Baptist Church in Illinois. The sermon challenges church-going listeners to remember the purpose of Christ-followers – to build His Kingdom. Among his challenges, “How will we organize ourselves?  Around our wants and our needs, or around the desperate needs of those around us who are drowning?”

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