The Digital Great Commission

Avoid being one of those churches that miss the calling of a tech, and reinforce a tech's naturally negative suspicion that they are just tasked to "do things."

The Digital Great Commission
If possible, get the worship and production teams together for outings that build those relational bridges.

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The Digital Great Commission

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Most technicians are a different breed. Many that I talk to or see—are introverts. Content to stay in the back room, wearing all black, pushing the buttons and not talking to anyone.

I have spoken with church techs that have said that despite trying, they have never personally led anyone to Christ and it bothers them. From a vision and big picture standpoint, this can be depressing.

God created us to worship Him and we are doing so through our technical talents, but why didn’t He create us to be platform speakers or missionaries that boldly go and teach the Gospel all around the world?

God gave us a Great Commission in Matthew 28:18 and Mark 16:15 which says, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Feeling like they are missing out on that can cause tech-leaning people to crawl into a shell, and feel like they are just “doers” – a service department that just does what it is told to do.

I have visited a good deal of churches that not only miss the calling of a tech, but reinforce a tech’s naturally negative suspicion that they are just there to “do things.”

If you suspect you might be in this category, here are some practices that help:

First, make sure your team knows what the other teams are doing and appreciate the contributions of the other team members. You do this by forcing one-on-one engagement. Prayer time together and just a few minutes of interaction before rehearsal is a positive way to know what the worship teams, facility teams, etc., are going through. If possible, get the worship and production teams together for outings that build those relational bridges.

Also, provide a path for ideas. Don’t kill ideas, but encourage them and have a process for vetting them. Make sure the box that the team operates in is clearly defined but leave enough room for creativity and freedom to make the tech areas an art and not a job. Have a system to review what the teams are doing and provide praise or correction as needed.

Lastly, coordinate a brief meeting of the teams, right before service where you can. By doing so, it can provide a breather, or quick prayer for the service and refocus the teams on the real reason why we do tech.

More About David Leuschner
David Leuschner serves on the Senior Team as the Senior Director of Technology and Technical Arts at Gateway Church, located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and is currently averaging 30,000 attendees a weekend. Leuschner has been in the tech industry for more than 20 years. Currently David guides and directs more than 500 volunteers, part-time and full-time staff in a mission to facilitate several hundred events a month among all of Gateway's six venues. Before coming to work at Gateway Church, David started volunteering in a local Church at the age of 11, but progressed to working high level events that included working with George H. W. Bush and Walt Disney World. David has been married to his beautiful wife, Nicole, for 10 years and they love their adorable 8-year-old son, Justin. You can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram @davidleuschner.
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