Volunteer Recruitment: Recruit Young, Train Well, Build Relationships

While much of the focus on the job is to deal with technology, don't forget about the need to minister to others.

Volunteer Recruitment: Recruit Young, Train Well, Build Relationships
One place to start putting your ear to the ground is within your High School and College/Young Adult crews. These students are usually quick learners, on top of it when it comes to technology, while also being creative, and possibly have more time on their hands during the weekends. This volunteer at Victory World Church in Atlanta is working on a DiGiCo SD5, mixing for broadcast.

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Plan the day, create name badges, have snacks ready, and make the “Backstage Pass” an experience within itself.

This weekend helps you share the vision of what your team is all about alongside sharing with them the expectations of serving on your team.

Start with an Orientation

So once someone shows interest in your team and fills out that form with their name, email and phone number, you want to inform them what your team is all about and its expectations.

So before you simply shoot them an email with a day to show up and have them start running a camera, invite them to a Production Team Orientation.

Spend some time with them - I’ve learned to do so for definitely no more than two hours- and share with the possible new recruits the vision of your team.

Why do you exist?

Why is sound, lights and video even needed in your church?

Why do you have a 7 a.m. call time?

What is a call time?

Those are just a few questions that I think you need to answer before placing anyone on your schedule. Take the time to show them around your spaces and explain what each role is. Then, as you wrap up the night, give each person a chance to officially choose a position to begin training for.

Train Them Well

So now this is where we take the turn on one of the greatest ways, in my opinion, of retaining volunteers.

Train, train, and train some more.

I am working on an article currently on our upcoming new training process, but until then I will say this: A volunteer will never ever be upset when they are set up to succeed on a Sunday. There is no worst feeling as a volunteer than being given a headset, put into a position on a Sunday, and not been trained.

Take time to create a training schedule for each and every position you have on your team. Each position will be different in length and content, but do not skip this process please.

Set your team up for success by taking the time to train them.

More About Mike Paschal
Mike Paschal served for 13 years at Port City Community Church in Wilmington, N.C., where he served in various roles, including as the Production Director, Video/Lighting Coordinator and Director of Media. Mike is in the process of transitioning to a new role and church, as the Video Director at Victory World Church in Atlanta, beginning in December 2016. When away from work, he spends every minute he can with his wife, Kirsten, and his little man, Noah.
Get in Touch: mike@mikepaschal.net    More by Mike Paschal

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