VUE h-208 Offers High-Profile Performance in Low-Profile Package

Beryllium-infused, DSP-injected high-definition loudspeaker ideal for applications where performance and visibility cannot be compromised.

VUE h-208 Offers High-Profile Performance in Low-Profile Package
The VUE Audiotechnik h-208 offers very low vertical profile design and maintains clear line of sight in low-ceiling applications where uncompromising output and fidelity are critical.
VUE h-208 Offers High-Profile Performance in Low-Profile Package
The VUE Audiotechnik h-208 offers very low vertical profile design and maintains clear line of sight in low-ceiling applications where uncompromising output and fidelity are critical.

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VUE h-208 Offers High-Profile Performance in Low-Profile Package
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VUE Audiotechnik revealed the next addition to its highly acclaimed h-Class family of ultra-high-definition, full-range loudspeaker systems. The VUE Audiotechnik h-208 combines a full complement of VUE’s most advanced transducer technologies, with powerful onboard VUEDrive system electronics, into a low-profile configuration ideal for low-ceiling applications where output and fidelity are critical.

The two-way h-208 includes a custom-designed 3-inch diameter large-format compression driver that features a Truextent® beryllium diaphragm and a powerful Neodymium magnet. This combination allows the high frequency unit to deliver dramatically better high-frequency extension and response linearity than more traditional aluminum or titanium-based designs. A precision engineered 70 degree (horizontal) by 45 degree (vertical) horn ensures predictable coverage.

The compression driver is joined by two custom-designed and manufactured 8-inch transducers. These precision transducers benefit from large, 3-inch (75 mm) voice coils that dramatically increase power handling while minimizing losses due to power compression. An impregnated linen surround and curvilinear cone optimizes mechanical stability, while a massive, high-coercivity ferrite magnet circuit rounds out the design.

Onboard VUEDrive electronics are equally impressive. A 64-bit digital processor handles EQ, time alignment, crossover management, speaker protection, and complete SystemVUE network control and monitoring functions. A dual-channel, high-efficiency amplifier delivers 1600 watts low frequency, and 275 watts high frequency power long-term with more than 3,000 watts burst output. What’s more, the Class D design eliminates the need for noisy cooling fans, while a lightweight, fully protected, switch-mode power supply provides hassle-free worldwide compatibility with universal mains operation from 85V to 260V.

All transducers and VUEDrive electronics are housed in a robust birch enclosure that includes integrated M10 hanging points as well as the h-Class’ distinctive, deep red multi-layered powder coated grill. A U-bracket yoke is provided as standard for easy installation and aiming. The h-208 also features a built-in stand mount for portable applications.

The h-208’s unique enclosure is the perfect marriage of form and function. Due to its low-profile design and rear-cabinet slant, the h-208 can be easily hung from the ceiling at steep angles while maintaining a very profile. The unique cabinet shape also allows the h-208 to serve as a high-output stage monitor for applications where stage depth is limited, but sound quality and output are critical.

“As more customers experience the uniquely pristine sonic characteristics of beryllium, we’re seeing a growing demand for application-specific variations of the technology,” explained VUE CEO Ken Berger. “The h-208 is the direct result of listening to our customers, and leveraging our advanced technology portfolio to deliver true, high-performance solutions for real world challenges.”

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