Why is Social Media in Ministry So Important?

The social media model of communication is receiver-focused. It’s about understanding problems and helping solve them. The medium, at its best, has shifted us from hype to help.

Why is Social Media in Ministry So Important?
Here is a chart outlining the size of the top social media networks' active user base per network, courtesy of dreamgrow.com.
Credit: dreamgrow.com
Why is Social Media in Ministry So Important?
Here is a chart outlining the size of the top social media networks' active user base per network, courtesy of dreamgrow.com.
Credit: dreamgrow.com

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c) Twitter.

• Went “mainstream” in 2008. I put the word “mainstream” in quotes, because for many, it’s never gone mainstream.
• Twitter’s brand distinctive is instant news, information and reaction. Because the news media like it so much, it gets a lot of attention. It fits their field, but not all fields.
• For many, if you want to hear on the ground, unfiltered information of a significant event, this is the go-to source.
• Its challenging interface and posting limitations, though, alienate a high percentage of users who want to treat it like they do Facebook. Many people say they simply “don’t get it.”
• Over half of new accounts don’t take, and in spite of its history and attention, it only has 328 million active users a month – less than half of Instagram and 16 percent of Facebook. 
• It’s the hardest network in which to grow a base and has not grown as a network since 2014.
• Most growing users employ a follow-follow back method where they actively follow several people a day, then unfollow those who don’t follow them back within 3-5 days. Because of this, followership size is somewhat of a bogus statistic, and engagement is lower than with other networks. It has also been subject to false and purchased followers.
• If you’re already on it, great - if you’re not, it’s may be hard to grow at this point.

d) LinkedIn.

• Much smaller than the other networks, at 100 million users a month (5 percent of Facebook’s traffic).
• A rising network.
• Its exclusively professional focus is gaining traction, not just as an online resume and recruiting tool, but in daily interaction.
• High engagement, relative to its size.
• Ideal for professional engagement and platform building.
• For professionally minded churches, it may be the second most important network.

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