Worship Facilities Magazine, January-February 2017

The January-February 2017 issue of Worship Facilities Magazine includes articles pertaining to how to best do video announcements, and exploring digital giving options.

Worship Facilities Magazine, January-February 2017
The front cover of the January-February 2017 edition of Worship Facilities Magazine.

In This Issue

8 | Leadership | Administration
12 | Facilities Management
14 | Design | Multi-Use Products
18 | Cover Story | Contemporary Meets Gothic Architecture
24 | Features | Visual Overhaul
28 | Worship Technology
32 | Pastor’s Guide
34 | Gear’d For Worship
36 | Communications
40 | WFX Network Highlight

Latest Resource

Portable Sound Systems: Flexibility, Options Key To Right Setup
If we choose our portable systems wisely, we can turn these quick setups, that can sometimes be distracting, into an atmosphere that will engage the audience.

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Article Topics

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Support and Enhance the Worship Message

The latest strategies for sound, lighting and facilities can help you better attract and engage with your congregation. With Worship Facilities’ insights on leadership, communication and administrative tools, each issue shows you how to design and maintain your facility and how to adapt it to meet the changing needs of today’s members.
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