Lighting the Video Shoot: Learn That Last 20 Percent
By Kevin Penrod · December 6, 2016 • Experience is the best teacher in our world, but that doesn’t mean you should not do your research and benefit from the experience others have already gone through.

Old Cinema-Turned Va. Church Makes Move to WorxAudio
By Andres Caamano · December 6, 2016 • Crosswalk Church transitions from four boxes to single TrueLine X2 compact line array and pair of subwoofers in install completed in August.

2016 New Product Awards - Lighting
By TD Staff · December 5, 2016 • The following 10 entrants were part of the 2016 New Product Awards, with the submissions from CHAUVET, Elation, Mega Systems, Mod Scenes, and Unilumin earning winning entries.

Spiritual Health: A Perspective for the Tech Director
By Lee Varian · December 2, 2016 • God’s plan is for us to thrive in a vast spiritual community full of others who, while on their own journeys, are fertile sources of inspiration and encouragement.

In-Ear Monitors: Custom Molded a Worthy Investment
By Mike Anderson · December 1, 2016 • Why spend all that money on gear to get the right tone and then not be able to hear any of it, because you use iPod-style earbuds?

Spiritual Health: Find Time To Listen To The Message
By Daniel Beard · November 30, 2016 • If you are not able to listen to the message at that moment, I encourage you to go back and listen to or watch a recording of the sermon.

Look, See, Light! Simple Approaches For Lighting Video
By Jim Sippel · November 29, 2016 • If you feel you need a little more separation of your subject from the background, you can use a small fixture to place light on the background.

Lighting the Video Shoot: Making Your Work Shine
By Chris Tall · November 29, 2016 • For most studio shoots, the goal is to remove most shadows.

Lighting For Video – 3 Keys for Getting Great Video
By Duke DeJong · November 28, 2016 • Unfortunately, most video creators and video directors show they still have a lot to learn on good lighting and audio techniques.

Want to Make the Jump to In-Ears? 10 Considerations
By Jeff Snyder · November 25, 2016 • From the musician’s perspective, one of the best reasons to use IEM’s is the ability to use Click and Cue tracks with your worship team.

Why You Should Be Using (Environmental) Projection
By Tim Ottley · November 25, 2016 • The rise of LED screens and large format televisions has cut down the amount of churches that are now using projection, and that makes me sad.

Colo. Church Adds 4 Eiki Projectors in Major Upgrade
By Andres Caamano · November 23, 2016 • Install work over three weeks included projectors, Blackmagic cameras, switcher and other video equipment.

Seeking A Clean, Clear Mix for In-Ears
By Harry Timothee · November 23, 2016 • With a stereo mix, you are able to add panning techniques that will assist with separation of instruments or voices within the mix.

When Movie Planning, Procrastinate Early
By Eric Bramlett · November 23, 2016 • Planning ahead is the best chance your team has for success when it comes to video production in a church setting.

How A Concert Helped A Church Modernize Their Sound
By TD Staff · November 22, 2016 • Learn how a church in Texas upgraded its technology, while being able to destress during the installation process.

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