iPad Control Drives AudioBox Update
By TechDecisions · June 12, 2012 • The new PreSonus 1.2 AudioBox update is designed to offer enhanced performance and versatility for its various interfaces, including iPad control.

TechDecisions Guide to 17 Podium/Lectern Microphones for Worship Facilities
By Fred Ampel · May 21, 2012 • There are a number of major and minor factors that must be considered and evaluated before installing any hardware so you can make sure what gets installed will be the right equipment and, more importantly, will actually work.

Control & Automation: What Has Changed in the Past Five Years?
By Joy Zaccaria · May 4, 2012 • Control and automation is now a way to integrate, manage, and interact with disparate building control, A/V, and personal devices.

Microphones 101, Part 1
By Perry Goldstein · April 27, 2012 • Learn the ins and outs of microphones before you buy.

Rockpoint Church Services Go Contemporary with AV and Lighting Control
By TD Staff · April 24, 2012 • Rockpoint Church provides worship services to about 700 congregants each Sunday. To meet the challenge of outfitting the 60,500-square-foot campus, the integration team designed a Crestron control system to manage video, sound and lighting systems throughout the space.

2 Acoustical Spectrum Analyzer Apps Used by the Pros
By TD Staff · April 19, 2012 • Alan Ogle, President and Gold Level Crestron programmer of LiquidLogix, Westminster, CO, weighed-in: I've used Pocket RTA and Real Time Analyzer on several occasions. Gets the job done, says Ogle. I use them to get a basic calibration of a room. Not every job though, but if it is a job that I am doing the DSP programming I will use it. It does a pretty decent job. Not the greatest mic on the iPhone but it works. Some of the apps have mic accessories that you can get which is more of a professional mic setup. Haven't used one of those yet. Using a mic accessory I can see this being a very useful tool, and inexpensive compared to some of the current RTA's. Right now I can't see using it to calibrate a home theater (I would use the calibration mic that some receivers come with now), but definitely for your standard conference room or training room. Thats it.

Understanding the Costs of a Pro Sound System for Houses of Worship
By Tom Walter · April 11, 2012 • Good audio tends to come at a price. Understanding the basic expenses related to these sound systems will help you make a good tech decision.

5 Strategies for Church Sound
By Chris Huff · March 15, 2012 • AV systems in houses of worship are all about pleasing the congregation. Here are some tips for putting the audience first.

Shure ULX-D Wireless Microphone System
By TechDecisions · March 1, 2012 • Shure's new ULX-D incorporates 24-bit/48kHz digital technologies and a 120dB of dynamic range to deliver a crystal-clear wireless audio performance.

Church Audio Overcomes Noise from Air Conditioners
By TD Staff · February 25, 2012 • Audio and AC blowers often compete for the listeners ear; one commercial integrator describes how he set up an audio system to overcome 70 dBa from eight large wall-mounted AC units.

5 Tips for Optimal Mix Position in Churches
By TD Staff · February 25, 2012 • The right mix position is important to ensuring a good worship experience.

5 Reasons to Update a Church’s Sound System
By Gary Zandstra · February 25, 2012 • A look at five reasons a church sound system needs upgrading.

A Peek at Audio in Portable Churches
By David McLain · February 2, 2012 • Portable churches may not need a lot of space, but the sound doesn't have to suffer.

Critical Church Video Production Upgrade to Serve 20,000 Members
By Llanor Alleyne · January 25, 2012 • Rock Church’s video director shares how the church recently upgraded to an integrated video production system while taking into consideration converting some equipment from analog to digital.

Spotting the More Common Issues You Will Face During Your A/V Project
By Lisa Nadile · January 16, 2012 • Leading A/V experts have run into a host of difficulties in their experience on the job. Some where a consultant can help, others where they wouldn’t. Here, they discuss some of the most important pain points they’ve run into that you should avoid.

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