9 Values of a Millennial-Friendly Church
By Kathryn Binkley · January 9, 2017 • Understanding what millennials value and assessing how your church lines up with these values are the first steps to becoming a millennial-friendly church.

The Benefits of Using In-Ear Monitors
By Nathan Williams · December 27, 2016 • IEMs are key in helping to reduce stage volume by eliminating the need for stage monitors or wedges.

The State of Mixing Monitors
By Duke DeJong · December 21, 2016 • Over the last 15 years there have been tremendous advances in mixing monitor technology, helping us expand the way we can go about doing it.

Monitoring: In Ears vs. Wedges (Part 2)
By Grant Norsworthy · December 20, 2016 • A discussion comparing open speaker monitor systems with in-ear monitor systems.

Monitoring: In Ears vs. Wedges (Part 1)
By Grant Norsworthy · December 19, 2016 • It’s true that open speaker monitor systems — when used poorly — create huge sonic problems, especially in a church service setting.

Cameras and Worship: What Fits In Your Budget, Filming Ideas
By Ralph Hicks · December 14, 2016 • Consider whether it is the time to go HD, if you haven’t already. Do not fall for the hype about which camera to get.

In-Ear Monitors: Custom Molded a Worthy Investment
By Mike Anderson · December 1, 2016 • Why spend all that money on gear to get the right tone and then not be able to hear any of it, because you use iPod-style earbuds?

Want to Make the Jump to In-Ears? 10 Considerations
By Jeff Snyder · November 25, 2016 • From the musician’s perspective, one of the best reasons to use IEM’s is the ability to use Click and Cue tracks with your worship team.

In-Ears Are A Big Investment, But A Worthy One
By Brian Wilson · November 21, 2016 • The quickest path to peace and harmony is to end the battle between the stage volume and the main mix.

The More with Less Church: Seeking To Accomplish More
By TD Staff · November 14, 2016 • We are eager to give birth to new ministries, but are lousy at letting old ones die.

Paying Attention to Safety in Stage Design
By Steven Hall · November 9, 2016 • It’s best for anyone involved in rigging to have some formal training. If not that, at least some informal training from an experienced rigger is recommended.

Don’t Sweat the Challenge of a Fresh Set Design
By David Bonilla · November 4, 2016 • The task of creating fresh set designs is one that can seem daunting and stressful, but there are a few tips to keep in mind.

2016 New Product Awards: Guardian
By TD Staff · November 2, 2016 • Guardian by Mankin is expert service and support from the people who know your AVL system best. The goal is to keep your growing audience focused on the experience provided, not the technical issues that will arise. We're here for you and your team when you need us most.

2016 New Product Awards: COOLSPACE
By TD Staff · November 1, 2016 • Does your church facility have HVAC units? Do you have manual or programmable thermostats? Do you wish you could reduce your energy bills? Does increasing your staff efficiency rank high on your priority list? Do you wish you could control your HVAC from your mobile phone? Wait no more! You need the new COOLSPACE Wi-Fi Thermostat to increase efficiency, effectiveness and save money.

2016 New Product Awards: Airius Q Series
By TD Staff · November 1, 2016 • Q Series is Airius' quietest destratification fan yet for worship facilities with higher ceilings. The Q Series meets the needs of architects, engineers and managers of churches with ceiling heights of up to 50 feet who are seeking a quieter high-performance destratification fan to save energy and improve comfort.

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