Useful Tips For A Church Video Director
By Nathan VonMinden · May 19, 2016 • F.A.T. people are Faithful, Available and Teachable. Make sure the person you choose as a team leader has all three traits.

WFX REACH Raleigh Succeeds in Growing Ministry
By Andres Caamano · May 18, 2016 • Mix of workshops, exhibits and worship offers more than 300 conference attendees a chance to grow together.

3 Turnaround Tips for a Shrinking Church
By TD Staff · May 13, 2016 • Most communities are growing, while local churches are shrinking. So what needs to happen to turn that around?

Is Becoming a Multi-Site Church Right for Your Ministry?
By TD Staff · May 6, 2016 • If launching one or more additional campuses is on the radar for your church, here’s a brief look at some areas to consider to help you develop a multi-site plan.

Stronger Together: Promoting Dialogue Among Churches on a Local Level
By TD Staff · April 26, 2016 • REACH Conferences have been created to deliver educational elements of the annual WFX on a regional level, while opening up networking opportunities for churches in those regions.

Easter’s Over, Now What?
By Bradley Hodges · April 25, 2016 • The common thread between each of these ideas is creativity. Step outside the box and get creative with how you engage your audience after Easter.

The Multi-Site ‘X-Factor’
By Lee Varian · April 19, 2016 • Interfacing with ministry leaders is a critical component of successful production teams, as a significant amount of effort is usually required to establish healthy relationships within the church.

3 Social Media Tips to Attract the Outside Community
By TD Staff · April 12, 2016 • As churches, we need to identify how we can stand out in our communities.

Planning Ahead for the Chaos of the Next Big Service
By Duke DeJong · April 11, 2016 • Think about how you can prepare for the year's bigger services well in advance to make your life a little less frantic as the big days approach.

Communicating with Volunteers:  Success or Disaster?
By Michael Scott · April 7, 2016 • Whether it's email, texting, or through social media, seek to communicate in a convenient way for the people you shepherd over.

Duke DeJong: Recognizing the Time For Change
By Duke DeJong · April 4, 2016 • Knowing when it's time to upgrade your sound, video and lighting systems is a deeper question.

Basics, Trends and How to Keep Up: Tech Team Training and Development at WFX REACH
By TD Staff · April 1, 2016 • Sessions intended to deliver the quality education of the annual Worship Facilities Conference and Expo (WFX) in less time.

Gregory Kayne: Everyone Wants to Play for a Winning Team
By Gregory Kayne · March 31, 2016 • Volunteer recruiting requires one to be bold, different to gain and keep people's attention.

From No to Yes: How to Get Your Sound System Proposal Approved
By Duke DeJong · March 28, 2016 • Other than a brief recommendation, 'I' should rarely be seen or heard in your proposals. The more personal you make your pitch, the more questions generally get raised.

Working to Build a Talented Team Doesn’t Have to be a Pipe Dream
By Tony Staires · March 24, 2016 • No matter if you’re a filmmaker, video editor, photographer, you name it - technicians talk to each other.

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