Aguiar to Lead Church Safety and Security Workshop at 2016 WFX
By TD Staff · July 8, 2016 • Half-day session to provide in-depth instruction on the threats themselves, as well as how to plan for and respond to them.

The Value of Evaluations To Best Prepare For Sunday
By Stephen Brewster · July 7, 2016 • Evaluation is vital to teams that grow, and there have to have metrics attached to it.

Getting Ahead of the Curve:  WFX 2016 Keynotes to Focus on Creativity, Digital Innovation
By TD Staff · July 6, 2016 • Author Cooke's keynote slated to stress the importance of understanding how digital advancements have impacted our culture and what it means for the church.

When Seeking Success, Don’t Ignore ‘Mundane’ Tech Team Job Duties
By Justin Firesheets · June 30, 2016 • Recognize how the importance of the administrative sides of the job, like regular cleaning of equipment or preventative maintenance, can pay huge dividends over the long haul.

2016 Worship Facilities Expo to Offer Ideas, Expertise, Tools
By TD Staff · June 29, 2016 • The annual expo offers a great opportunity for people involved in church technology to come together and learn from one another.

While Stewarding the Small Things, Don’t Forget to Plan Budget, Maintenance
By Marcus Hammond · June 29, 2016 • When it comes to budgeting and replacement for larger equipment, do you have a long-term plan for success, or do you operate in “emergency mode” every time something breaks down?

Who’s Leading and Who’s Managing?
By Lee Varian · June 27, 2016 • Those who are usually at the top of the org chart for church multi-sites need to function both as leaders and managers for the whole team.

Finding the Appropriate Balance For Budgeting, Maintenance
By David Bonilla · June 24, 2016 • Every item within your budget needs to align with what the organization is trying to accomplish, their vision.

As A Church Leader, Certain Principles Key To Growth
By Bradley Hodges · June 21, 2016 • As leaders, we need to continue to shape our church cultures using a leadership model built upon a foundation of servanthood, modeled by Christ.

Practicing Due Diligence in a Church Building Project or AVL Upgrade
By TD Staff · June 20, 2016 • WFX in Louisville from Sept. 21-22 to offer invaluable education under one roof, including track that will focus on large-scale building projects and improvements, along with sanctuary upgrades.

Facilities Maintenance for Growth
By Timothy O'Malley · June 18, 2016 • Look to develop a 20-year maintenance and capital plan that will keep the future of the church facility in top shape for the next generation.

Tech Arts Track at 2016 WFX Designed to Educate Entire Team
By TD Staff · June 17, 2016 • Track is designed to help leaders recruit, train and develop their teams, while also offering in-depth and hands-on training for tech team members.

WFX Adds 6 Preconference Workshops to 2016 Educational Lineup
By TD Staff · June 10, 2016 • Topics include Filmmaking, Church Security and Small Church Innovation

Planning For Crafting Budgets and Creating Boundaries
By Nathan VonMinden · June 4, 2016 • Every piece of equipment needs to be upgraded all the time. Aim to choose upgrades that will improve you a letter grade or better.

WFX15: Strategies for Effective Church Communication
By TD Staff · June 2, 2016 • Session speaker Director of Communications Jennifer Johnson for Sewickley Presbyterian Church discusses how a church's message is dispensed to the people.

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