Daylight Harvesting: The Oldest Trick in the Lighting Control Book
By Aaron Stern · April 27, 2012 • As the demand for energy-efficient facilities grows, daylight harvesting is becoming an increasingly used technology.

AMX Teams Up with Lutron for Wireless Lighting
By TD Staff · April 26, 2012 • The NetLinx Clear Connect Gateway uses your existing wiring to cut down on install costs.

Common Daylight Harvesting Mistakes
By Aaron Stern · April 26, 2012 • Ensuring the success of daylight harvesting systems requires that you avoid a battery of common errors that, if made, can offset your investment.

Pieces to the Daylight Harvesting Puzzle
By Aaron Stern · April 26, 2012 • There are a lot of moving parts to the daylight harvesting puzzle; making sure you get them to fit just right requires careful planning and skillful coordination.

Rockpoint Church Services Go Contemporary with AV and Lighting Control
By TD Staff · April 24, 2012 • Rockpoint Church provides worship services to about 700 congregants each Sunday. To meet the challenge of outfitting the 60,500-square-foot campus, the integration team designed a Crestron control system to manage video, sound and lighting systems throughout the space.

Blog: My ‘Automation vs Control’ Pet Peeve
By Mark Coxon · April 19, 2012 • Integrator Mark Coxon explains the very important between control and automation, two terms that are often confused and abused.

7 Resources for Sustainability, Design, and Energy Efficiency
By Joel Shore · April 11, 2012 • Going green doesn’t have to mean going solo. Dozens of agencies and initiatives at the state and federal levels abound for providing advice, expertise, case studies and even financial incentives. Not surprisingly, many are based in California. Here are 7 resources.

New Illuminations Bring Bruton Parish Church into the Twenty-First Century
By TD Staff · March 22, 2012 • With a rich past, it is understandable that Bruton Parish Church was very careful about renovations and enhancements throughout the years. Although hesitant to modify the existing lighting scheme the solution was ultimately well received.

Explaining A/V and IT Convergence
By Julie Knudson · February 6, 2012 • How AV technology and IT convergence takes A/V to the network.

17 Digital Consoles for Church Installs
By Jon Baumgartner · January 25, 2012 • Digital consoles may have many benefits, but churches are hesitant to adopt.

ROI on Control and Automation for House of Worship Facilities
By TD Staff · December 14, 2011 • Did you know that by implementing a control and automation system in your house of worship facility you could save upwards of 50 percent off your energy bill? This white paper download will help you get started calculating the return on investment.

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