Savant Debuts Lighting Control System
By TD Staff · September 4, 2012 • The control company is cranking out new lighting options via LiteTouch.

How Lutron Helped The New York Times Cut Costs
By Tom LeBlanc · August 27, 2012 • Installing a Lutron system cut The New York Times Company's budget by $30,000 per year per floor.

Crestron 3-Series Control Systems Support BACnet
By Curtis Emery · August 22, 2012 • BACnet/IP support transforms Crestron 3-Series Control Systems into IP-based control platforms for connected systems.

Lighting Control in the Boardroom and Beyond
By Lisa Nadile · July 23, 2012 • Whether you are lighting a boardroom or a lobby, thinking about how the space will be used will dictate the lighting control you use.

3 Hands-down, Must Have, Great Lighting iPhone Apps
By TD Staff · July 18, 2012 • Professional lighting designer, Oaks said that the Whitegoods iPhone App is as accurate as the expensive device he had been using for many years. And it’s free. Two other must-have lighting apps: For $29.99 the Light Source iPhone and iPad app is a fully functional photometric calculator for industry professionals. Spending $99.99 on an App might sound crazy, but the Luminair DMX Lighting Control iPhone App might be in that special category, “You get what you pay for.” The DMX lighting control software allows users to wirelessly control lighting fixtures, dimmers, consoles, and media servers all via a Wi-Fi connection — and much more.

Best of 2012: U.S. Green Building Council — Leading by Example
By TechDecisions · June 4, 2012 • The U.S. Green Building Council's building now serves as a living testament to green construction. Whether you operate a church, corporate office, school or hotel - here's an inspiring example of integrated A/V, lighting and green construction.

Savant Gets Stylish with New LiteTouch Keypads
By TD Staff · May 22, 2012 • The new keypads offer a wide range of control options and designer-friendly aesthetics.

Crestron Ups Energy Management on Lighting with DALI Ballasts
By TD Staff · May 3, 2012 • The latest addition to the company's lighting solutions has an optional built-in power-metering feature.

One Pastor’s Guide to Audio, Video and Lighting
By by Jim Kumorek · April 30, 2012 • With the combination of escalating construction costs and the tightening of budgets, churches are looking at more cost-effective answers to their growth and space challenges. While large congregations aren’t necessarily going away, the buildings that supported them in previous decades may be a thing of the past.

Daylight Harvesting: The Oldest Trick in the Lighting Control Book
By Aaron Stern · April 27, 2012 • As the demand for energy-efficient facilities grows, daylight harvesting is becoming an increasingly used technology.

AMX Teams Up with Lutron for Wireless Lighting
By TD Staff · April 26, 2012 • The NetLinx Clear Connect Gateway uses your existing wiring to cut down on install costs.

Common Daylight Harvesting Mistakes
By Aaron Stern · April 26, 2012 • Ensuring the success of daylight harvesting systems requires that you avoid a battery of common errors that, if made, can offset your investment.

Pieces to the Daylight Harvesting Puzzle
By Aaron Stern · April 26, 2012 • There are a lot of moving parts to the daylight harvesting puzzle; making sure you get them to fit just right requires careful planning and skillful coordination.

Rockpoint Church Services Go Contemporary with AV and Lighting Control
By TD Staff · April 24, 2012 • Rockpoint Church provides worship services to about 700 congregants each Sunday. To meet the challenge of outfitting the 60,500-square-foot campus, the integration team designed a Crestron control system to manage video, sound and lighting systems throughout the space.

Blog: My ‘Automation vs Control’ Pet Peeve
By Mark Coxon · April 19, 2012 • Integrator Mark Coxon explains the very important between control and automation, two terms that are often confused and abused.

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