Interested in Environmental Projection? Look to ArKaos’ Media Server Range
By Tim Ottley · January 19, 2017 • When opting for easy access to a variety of media content, this manufacturer's server range proves solid with video and lyrics.

When Our Tech World Is Flipped Upside Down
By Gary Zandstra · January 18, 2017 • I even thought ahead enough to double-check to make sure the sync track on the audio recording was sending signal up to the slide presentation controller...

Short-Throw, WXGA Might Be The Right Match For Your Church
By Andres Caamano · January 10, 2017 • In some tight worship spaces, a short-throw projector could be the only option for a projector. And WXGA is a great cost-effective option as well.

2016 New Product Awards - Video Products
By TD Staff · January 6, 2017 • The following 23 entrants were part of the 2016 New Product Awards, with the submissions from Epson, JVC, TelVue, Grandview, Ross Video, and ROE Visual each earning winning entries.

2016 New Product Awards - Media and Communications
By TD Staff · December 20, 2016 • The following seven entrants were part of the 2016 New Product Awards, with the submissions from Department 60, Inc.; MediaComplete and DVEO (a division of Computer Modules, Inc.) each earning winning entries.

Why You Should Be Using (Environmental) Projection
By Tim Ottley · November 25, 2016 • The rise of LED screens and large format televisions has cut down the amount of churches that are now using projection, and that makes me sad.

Colo. Church Adds 4 Eiki Projectors in Major Upgrade
By Andres Caamano · November 23, 2016 • Install work over three weeks included projectors, Blackmagic cameras, switcher and other video equipment.

Look to Environmental Projection When Creating Quality Sets
By Luke McElroy · November 7, 2016 • Because we don’t have enough budget, time, energy or staff in our churches to build enough dynamic and unique stage designs, environmental projection is a worthwhile option to consider.

2016 New Product Awards Winners
By TD Staff · November 3, 2016 • Take the time to review each of the 27 category winners for the 2016 New Product Awards.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing A Projector
By Justin Firesheets · November 2, 2016 • Every projector has recommended intervals of performing maintenance, and it’s critical that these be closely adhered to. Ignoring them may lead to problems or even void a warranty.

2016 New Product Awards: ViewSonic Pro8530HDL
By TD Staff · November 2, 2016 • The ViewSonic LightStream® Pro8530HDL digital projector delivers stunning 1080p Full HD resolution and 5,200 lumens of brightness. With proprietary SuperColor™ and SonicExpert® technologies for advanced color enhancement and sound reproduction, extensive connectivity options and flexible installation features, the Pro8530HDL is the ideal projector for professional installations in worship facilities.

2016 New Product Awards: Christie LWU502
By TD Staff · November 2, 2016 • From song lyrics and scripture to dynamic video presentations, houses of worship can put the very affordable Christie LWU502 3LCD projector to work in small- and medium-sized sanctuaries or meeting rooms. With 5,000 lumens of brightness and crystal-clear WUXGA resolution, houses of worship can trust the high-quality and long-lasting reliability of Christie technology.

2016 New Product Awards: InFocus IN5142
By TD Staff · November 2, 2016 • The InFocus IN5142 projector features a bright and versatile display ideal for worship facilities, to go with 6,000 lumens, 3,000-hour lamp life, optional lenses, and motorized lens shift, focus and zoom, to where this projector provides accurate color and detail that brings life to every image and connect with the audience.

2016 New Product Awards: BenQ LU9715 BlueCore
By TD Staff · November 2, 2016 • The BenQ LU9715 BlueCore laser projector features a dual-wheel color system to deliver flawless RGBY color, 8,000 ANSI-lumen brightness, and 100,000:1 contrast ratio. Compatible with a selection of lenses to fit a range of installation needs, the LU9715 supports 360-degree and portrait projection for any large venue application.

2016 New Product Awards: Canon LX-MU800Z
By TD Staff · November 2, 2016 • The Canon LX-MU800Z Laser DLP Projector brings the high performance, reliability and exceptionally long life of a laser light source to Canon's LX-series. It delivers 8,000 lumens of brightness and up to 20,000 hours of continuous, virtually maintenance-free operation for large venues such as houses of worship - representing a lower total cost of ownership.

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