Christ Place Church
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • Churches by Daniels reconfigured and renovated 20,000 sq. ft. of the old sanctuary into children's classrooms and a children's gathering area. A new 1200 seat sanctuary , lobby, coffee bar, and gathering was built adding an additional 30,400 sq. ft. to the campus. Meeting the needs of a growing ministry.

Solomon Awards 2017 - Waters Church [Churches by Daniels Construction, Inc.]
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • This 135,000-square foot jewelry manufacturing plant built in the 1960s was repurposed. Phase 1 consisted of renovating more than 40,000 square feet. It is now home to a 1,000-seat auditorium, a themed children's church, nursery rooms, and a large gathering area with an adjacent café.

North Way Christian Community Church
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • North Way Christian Community's dream was that technology would create an atmosphere with such a high level of quality and intentionality that it enhances their community's connection with the Lord. Through careful planning, an innovative roll-out, and dedicated support - that’s exactly what has happened.

Southside Church
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • Southside Church had dreamed of becoming the first North Point Ministries partner church to receive live message transmission of Andy Stanley. Through a highly collaborative process, Mankin deployed a high level video system supported by all of the core Guardian by Mankin services to make their dream a reality.

Mountain Christian Church
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • Mountain Christian Church’s oldest campus was a portable setup in an old high school auditorium with aging systems, and the weekend experience was not living up to that of the other campuses. This field house collaboration was a transformation like we’d never seen before - and the client loves it!

Brightmoor Christian Church
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • After many years of growth, Brightmoor Christian Church looked to expand on their existing campus by building a new sanctuary. Initial attempts to work with national consultants were unsuccessful, so the church decided to hire local firms for audio and lighting, and brought Mankin in for their broadcast video system.

Cherry Hills Community Church
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • While Cherry Hills’ space is beautiful, a poorly designed PA system installed only seven years ago left the quality of experience to chance. After a live demo “shootout” in their space, L’Acoustics KARA solution was the chosen winner. Now the room now sounds as good as it looks!

Shoreline Church
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • Since 1979, the Nightown club entertained young adults, including Eric and Darlene Partin. Now as pastors of Shoreline Church, their dream was to turn Nightown into a place that changes people's perception of church. Teaming with LIVE Design Group, their dream became a reality.

Solomon Awards 2017 - Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd [White Construction Company]
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • The sanctuary, at the heart of the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd’s campus, received a much needed restoration and expansion as the congregation continues to build their beloved community.

Oak Hills Church
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • Oak Hills Church broadcasts worship services to thousands of viewers every week. Continuity between their six campuses is very important, and the infrastructure supporting their ministry cannot fail. With attention to detail, creativity, and strategic partnerships, All Pro delivered a state-of-the-art worship center that continues Oak Hills’ commitment to excellence.

First Corinthian Baptist Church
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • All Pro partnered with FCBC to develop an integrated system that would satisfy their desire for creativity, while also maintaining a strict budget. The final product is user-friendly enough to be operated by volunteers, but is powerful enough to facilitate Broadway quality concerts and plays during the week.

Bethel World Outreach
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • As the Bethel World Outreach facility neared completion, the leadership wanted to push the limits of creativity. Leveraging All Pro’s expertise, Bethel now has a powerful addition to their already vibrant ministry which is both user-friendly enough for volunteers to control, and versatile enough to satisfy the leadership’s creative desires.

Cliff Temple Baptist Church
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • A 120-year-old church connects with a thriving North Oak Cliff Urban community with a 9,000 sq-ft renovation of an existing Fellowship Hall to accommodate a new Contemporary worship service. The Shanks Architects designed renovation includes an adjacent Café that has become the connection hub for fellowship.

Church Eleven32
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • The new 17,600 sq-ft Event Center designed by Shanks Architects for Church Eleven32 incorporates a bold and simple design to reflect the church’s ministry focus to a growing North Texas community. A spacious, light filled Commons leads to the 500-seat room designed for a high energy worship experience.

Southcrest Baptist Church
By TD Staff · September 26, 2017 • Southcrest Baptist’ new Worship Center, designed by Shanks Architects, is a catalyst for growth and community connection in Lubbock and West Texas. The facility seats 1,629 and engages the community with an open presence toward Loop 289, anchored by a custom designed fifty-foot-tall sculpture of the Three Crosses.

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