The Basics: What Is a Tablet?
By Lauren Gibbons Paul · November 29, 2011 • If you're still in the dark about the iPad and its mobile device competitors, get up to speed on the rapidly expanding world of tablets.

More Projectors in the Worship Market
By TD Staff · November 28, 2011 • A new study says that the number of projectors was up 16 percent in Q2 2011.

Using Technology to Bridge and Break Boundaries in Churches
By Cathy Hutchison · November 27, 2011 • As the online church removes the physical limitations of geography, hours and access, it is changing the way that church staff think about physical space. While some of the impact is obvious, such as Wi-Fi, streaming services, kiosks and social media, new ideas are only just now taking shape.

Download the Fellowship Church Case Study
By AMX · November 20, 2011 • Religious services at Fellowship Church include theatrical sights and sounds, all integrated through AMX, to captivate the congregation and attract new members. Download this paper to learn more.

Projector Use is Up 22 Percent
By TD Staff · November 14, 2011 • A new PMA study says that the projector market grow to 10.4 million units in 2011.

Church Overcomes Curved Walls
By TD Staff · November 1, 2011 • Deeply curved wall behind stage of Faith Evangelical Free Church dampened sound of low-quality PA system.

Immersive Telepresence: Who Are You Going to Call?
By Lisa Nadile · October 5, 2011 • Most immersive telepresence systems will connect today, but ensuring that stellar immersive feeling may take some work.

6 Factors Hurting Church Audio
By Chris Huff · September 30, 2011 • It doesn't always sound like angels singing in a church. Here are things hurting church sound.

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