TechDecisions Guide to Digital Signage Content Management Systems
By TD Staff · May 6, 2013 • Download this free TD Guide to Digital Signage Content Management Systems. 18 CMS's listed. How to plan and what you need to know before you start. From the content creation planning stages to making a purchasing decision. Solutions range from simple media player, software and display all-in-ones to “bolt-on” software management solutions that tie directly to existing deployed media players and display signage on up to large enterprise, cloud based software, SaaS, (software as a service) that offers the ability to scale as your digital signage network grows. Products included AMX Inspired Composer, BrightSign, Cisco, Digital Media Suite and Manager, Cisco Digital Signs, Cisco Cast, Dynasign, Fourwinds Interactive, Gefen, Industry Weapon, LG Electronics, NEC Display Solutions, Planar, Rise Display, Samsung, Scala 5, Sony's Prodokol Snap, Kollage and Enterprise, Symon Communications, RMG Enterprise Solutions, Tightrope Media Systems, Visix, X2O Media

Special Report: Guide to Incorporating Video Projectors in Your Church
By TD Staff · May 6, 2013 • Free Worship TechDecisions Download. Special Report: Guide to Incorporating Video Projectors in Your Church. Start here if you are looking for everything you need to know before you buy a video projector. We help you understand what to look for such as the number of lumens, throw distance and throw ratio -- and what those mean. From the video processor to connections needed and making sure latency isn't an issue. We've got you covered if you are looking to get started. 10 Buying Video Projector Buying Tips, Hire an Integrator or Do It Yourself?

How to Save a Lot of Money with Energy and Lighting Devices and Controls
By TD Staff · May 1, 2013 • How to save a lot of money by using energy and lighting devices and controls for your facility. Download this special report. Three case studies showcase facilities that are meeting stringent LEED certifications while using new as well as tried-and-true technologies. Employing simple occupancy and vacancy sensors and temperature controls, to using more sophisticated daylight harvesting techniques and control and automation systems, these three facilities are a tribute to all shades of green.

Special Report – Guide to Creating the AV RFP
By TD Staff · March 19, 2013 • Free download. This Special Report: Guide to Creating the AV Request for Proposal (RFP). If you are an AV or IT director, CTO, CIO, CFO, AV tech, school district administrator, principal, lead pastor or in the role of needing to create an RFP for AV systems integration. This guide will help you define your scope, create a timeline as well as tips on what to look for choosing an AV systems integrator. Facilities such as corporate, K-12, colleges and universities, health care, bars, restaurants, hotels, casinos and houses of worship can benefit from this report.

Special Report: The Impact of AV Over IP for Your Facility
By TD Staff · February 26, 2013 • Download this TechDecisions Media Special Report to learn about the key benefits and elements of AV over IP and creating true A/V and IT convergence within your facility.

Special Report: Digital Signage Flat Panels — Commercial vs. Consumer Displays
By TD Staff · January 22, 2013 • Download this TechDecisions Special Report to learn everything you need to know on how to choose a digital signage flat panel display for your corporate business. 7 buying tips. Which commercial situations might be okay for a consumer display. Why the manufacturer’s warranty is so important with digital signage displays. Life expectancy of a digital signage displays in various situations.

Planning a Multisite Church — Expert Advice
By TD Staff · October 20, 2012 • Check out how three churches increased membership, attendance and fostered a greater sense of community through creating multisite churches. Learn what AV technical directors and IT managers have to employ as they adapt new AV technology for to serve the needs of a multisite church. Understand the challenges of streaming media done well as well as other key considerations including HD cameras, projectors, speakers and more.

TechDecisions Guide To Wireless Microphones For Houses of Worship
By TD Staff · July 24, 2012 • Download this TechDecision Guide to Buying a Wireless Microphone System to help you make a purchasing decision for your house of worship and church facility. 6 complete systems and configurations with specs for each, plus 8 buying tips.

TechDecisions Guide to Podium and Lectern Microphones for Houses of Worship - Download
By TD Staff · July 10, 2012 • Download this TechDecision Guide to Buying a Podium or Lectern Microphone to help you make a purchasing decision for your house of worship. Plus 5 buying tips.

TechDecisions Guide to 20 Column Loudspeakers for Your Church
By TD Staff · June 20, 2012 • The column or vertical steered array type loudspeaker is one of the best choices for many large church venue applications.

TechDecisions Guide to Line Array Speakers for Your Church
By TD Staff · June 20, 2012 • Download this guide to help make your purchasing choice for line array speakers easier. Once you have decided your house of worship can benefit from a significant purchase of a line array speaker system, there are still many considerations. There are hundreds of speaker manufacturers, but only a select few that produce line array speaker systems. Here are a few that have been recommended as worthy mentions.

AVI-SPL and AMX Offering Free Webinar This Wednesday
By TD Staff · April 9, 2012 • The two companies will team up to present a free webinar on innovations in meeting room control and automation.

Digital Signage for House of Worship Facilities: What You Need to Know
By TD Staff · December 14, 2011 • Adding digital signage to augment or replace one or more print communications could save your house of worship facility money. Get started calculating the ROI.

ROI on Control and Automation for House of Worship Facilities
By TD Staff · December 14, 2011 • Did you know that by implementing a control and automation system in your house of worship facility you could save upwards of 50 percent off your energy bill? This white paper download will help you get started calculating the return on investment.

Download the Fellowship Church Case Study
By AMX · November 20, 2011 • Religious services at Fellowship Church include theatrical sights and sounds, all integrated through AMX, to captivate the congregation and attract new members. Download this paper to learn more.

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