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Team Development: What Matters Most Is People
By Andy Needham · May 23, 2017 • Excellence can be admired and observed. For our congregation, they can be wowed, but not changed. Engagement is a much better goal.

WFX REACH 2017 Helps Churches ‘Reach’ Next Steps
By Alison Istnick · May 18, 2017 • Role-focused tracks included Tech Arts, Buildings and Design, Communications, Worship and – new to this year’s conference – Cross Functional sessions.

Ultimate Vertical Velocity:  Navigating Growing Pains Vital to Development
By Gregory Kayne · May 17, 2017 • It’s that moment of lost momentum that no amount of team building exercises, training events or movie nights can avoid.

Team Development: Avoid Seeing Your Boss, the Pastor, as an Enemy
By Eric Bramlett · May 16, 2017 • Pay attention to details and make sure you don’t fall prey to some typical human instincts when things 'don’t go your way.'

5 Important Team Building Strategies in Church Tech
By Van Metschke · May 12, 2017 • One of the best parts of being a tech director in a church is the wide variety of things we do to support the ministry of the church.

Team Development: “What’s My Motivation?”
By Marcus Hammond · May 11, 2017 • Technical ministry is a great venue for people of a certain skillset or 'wiring' to connect at your church. So often, though, tech teams can indirectly adopt a clique mentality.

Team Development: Help Team To Grow, Move Ministry Forward
By Brian Wilson · May 10, 2017 • Lack of development is what keeps many churches 'stuck' technically and understaffed, so make sure to invest in people, which will pay dividends down the road.

Values and Plumblines: Keys to Creating a Healthy Culture
By Dennis Choy · May 1, 2017 • When dealing with mistakes during a worship service, a key is to avoid doing the same mistake repeatedly, and learning from them.

Sound System Engineering: Monitors Still Need the Audio Tech
By Grant Norsworthy · April 28, 2017 • The obvious, open warfare of speaker wedge volume has shifted to be guerrilla warfare, and the audio engineer still has an imperative role to play.

Spiritual Health: I Can’t Keep Doing This…
By Michael Scott · April 24, 2017 • Are there times where you are not energized by the amazing work of the Holy Spirit? Do you ever feel this way?

The Value of Being Direct in Communication
By Megan Kelly · April 18, 2017 • Communicating is not just saying what you need to say, but speaking on the level of the intended target so that they understand what you’re saying.

Are Techs in Ministry?
By Lee Varian · April 17, 2017 • The spirit that gives us life corporately leads us into a miraculous unity of service — “ministry” — to each other and to our God.

A Familiar Cry: “I Need More Volunteers!”
By Adam Dye · April 10, 2017 • People in your church are probably used to seeing things go well each week—lights come on, microphones work, cameras capture video. So they may just assume you have the help you need...

Spiritual Health: Your Soul Hangs in the Balance
By Andy Needham · April 7, 2017 • You'll never know as much of God as is possible, if you only experience Him when the weather is perfect.

Spiritual Health: Invest, Rest and Replenish
By Tony Staires · April 6, 2017 • When seeking how to balance out work, family and other life priorities, here are a few tips toward achieving the desired rest and replenishment.

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