Spiritual Health

Team Development: The “Yes, And…” of Ministry
By Michael Edgar Myers · June 20, 2017 • "Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." – Matthew 6:33

Team Development: The Team Jesus Template, Part I
By Michael Edgar Myers · June 16, 2017 • "Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." – Matthew 6:33

Multisite Planning: Learn From Others; Don’t Copy
By Josh Holowicki · June 15, 2017 • Make sure that one has the exact or very similar technology at any campus site that reflects the technology of the main or 'broadcast' campus.

When Adding A New Site, Ensure A High-Quality Experience is Being Created
By Justin Firesheets · June 14, 2017 • Having effective team and equipment management principles will help create a successful foundation that can ultimately lead to church growth.

Multisite Planning: Keep Everyone Involved in Services in the Loop
By Stephen Brewster · June 12, 2017 • During your planning meeting early in the week, figure out how to work in your transitions, and what will be your talking points and wins for each moment.

2017 WFX Conference & Expo Offers Role-Specific Training, Team Collaboration
By TD Staff · June 7, 2017 • Five individual conferences at Dallas for WFX will offer their own keynote speakers, educational sessions, peer group discussions, boot camps and more.

WFX Conference & Expo: An Experience That Will Change Your Church
By TD Staff · June 2, 2017 • This October, the conference will offer you an ideal opportunity to find the answers to your questions to where one can "leave encouraged and feel more empowered to serve their ministries to their best abilities as technicians and leaders."

Team Development: Online Tools Offer Great Ways to Train Your Tech Team
By David Erlandson · June 1, 2017 • The same technology used by schools and teaching websites is easily available and accessible to everyone, and much of it is available for little to no cost.

Team Development: It’s Not About the “I”
By Debbie Keough · June 1, 2017 • Leadership isn’t about telling your team what to do. Leadership is most effective when you are serving your team.

Team Development: Don’t Ignore Investing in Staff, Volunteers
By Ralph Hicks · June 1, 2017 • Having open, honest and regular communication with our staff is the key to understanding, conflict resolution and quality work.

Keys to Equipping Volunteers Each Weekend
By Duke DeJong · May 31, 2017 • If you’re struggling to get volunteers engaged in what you’re doing, take a step back and look hard at whether you can make serving easier for people who might show an interest.

Team Development: Leading Your Staff to Success
By Nathan VonMinden · May 30, 2017 • I have seen so many leaders make the fatal flaw of expecting church workers to treat this like a J-O-B and then the next minute expecting passion and those same employees to go the extra mile.

Team Development: Taste, See a Better Way of Building God’s Kingdom
By Greg Stovell · May 25, 2017 • When looking for the right way to grow team leadership, look to the advice of the philosopher and theologian, Kierkegaard.

Spiritual Health: Don’t Let Your Guard Down On It
By Mike Paschal · May 24, 2017 • What will you do over the next six months to keep moving forward with what is working and how to improve what is not?

Team Development: What Matters Most Is People
By Andy Needham · May 23, 2017 • Excellence can be admired and observed. For our congregation, they can be wowed, but not changed. Engagement is a much better goal.

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