TechDecisions Guide to 20 Column Loudspeakers for Your Church
By TD Staff · June 20, 2012 • The column or vertical steered array type loudspeaker is one of the best choices for many large church venue applications.

TechDecisions Guide to Line Array Speakers for Your Church
By TD Staff · June 20, 2012 • Download this guide to help make your purchasing choice for line array speakers easier. Once you have decided your house of worship can benefit from a significant purchase of a line array speaker system, there are still many considerations. There are hundreds of speaker manufacturers, but only a select few that produce line array speaker systems. Here are a few that have been recommended as worthy mentions.

Peavey Presents New Expanded Options for their MediaMatrix Digital Audio System
By Curtis Emery · June 20, 2012 • Peavey's newest suite of video control components allows users to integrate video into MediaMatrix projects.

Epson Debuts New Ultra-Portable Wireless Projectors
By TD Staff · June 18, 2012 • The new PowerLite 1700 Series promises bright images in a slim form factor, starting at $649.

Sony 3000 Lm WXGA Interactive Ultra Short Throw Projector with Dual-input Pens
By TD Staff · June 18, 2012 • The Sony VPL-SW535C ultra short throw projection offers simultaneous dual-touch annotation capability on the projection screen with the use of supplied pen devices and drawing software. Combined with its ultra short throw projection, it is a great fit for launching interactive lessons in a classroom or establishing instant communication space in a corporate environment.

Smart Technologies Releases SMART Notebook App for SMART Software.
By Curtis Emery · June 7, 2012 • Smart Notebook App further integrates Smart Board technology in the classroom.

Smart Technologies, Inc. Boasts new Updates for Smart Notebook 11 Software
By Curtis Emery · June 7, 2012 • Enhanced Smart Notebook 11 software allows for more user content control and access with even more collaborative options.

What’s On Your Mobile? Apps for Quick Network Management
By Dave Sniadak · June 6, 2012 • Leave it to someone who offers up counsel on protecting your money to know a thing or two about proper network management. Andrew Schrage is co-owner of, a website that helps readers make smarter financial decisions. This Brown. . .

What’s On Your Mobile? Apps to Keep Track of 19 Campuses
By Dave Sniadak · June 5, 2012 • Don Trauntvein, Jr., isn’t your average network administrator. Working for a school district in southeastern Idaho, Trauntvein covers a lot of ground - literally - and is pushed to the limits of his daily duties thanks to 19 different school. . .

Best of 2012: U.S. Green Building Council — Leading by Example
By TechDecisions · June 4, 2012 • The U.S. Green Building Council's building now serves as a living testament to green construction. Whether you operate a church, corporate office, school or hotel - here's an inspiring example of integrated A/V, lighting and green construction.

Surviving the Tablet Revolution Requires Planning and Security
By Joel Shore · June 1, 2012 • With the proliferation of iPad, Android, Windows and other tablet and smartphone devices, security and data management concerns are growing.

6 Simple Apps for Setting Up Your Next Presentation
By TD Staff · May 30, 2012 • The days of complicated presentation staging are a thing of the past. Learn how these six simple apps can help de-stress your set up and streamline your presentation at the command of your smartphone or tablet.

Savant Gets Stylish with New LiteTouch Keypads
By TD Staff · May 22, 2012 • The new keypads offer a wide range of control options and designer-friendly aesthetics.

TechDecisions Guide to 17 Podium/Lectern Microphones for Worship Facilities
By Fred Ampel · May 21, 2012 • There are a number of major and minor factors that must be considered and evaluated before installing any hardware so you can make sure what gets installed will be the right equipment and, more importantly, will actually work.

Control & Automation: What Has Changed in the Past Five Years?
By Joy Zaccaria · May 4, 2012 • Control and automation is now a way to integrate, manage, and interact with disparate building control, A/V, and personal devices.

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