Johnson Controls P2000 Security Management System
By TechDecisions · August 29, 2012 • A more efficient software for integrating with building security systems is now available from Johnson Controls

AMX Rapid Project Maker Adds New Device Support and Enhance Project Reports
By TechDecisions · August 28, 2012 • AMX Rapid Project Maker software now has support for additional Modero touchpanels, DXLink transmitters and receivers and new Enova all-in-one presentation switchers.

How Lutron Helped The New York Times Cut Costs
By Tom LeBlanc · August 27, 2012 • Installing a Lutron system cut The New York Times Company's budget by $30,000 per year per floor.

Crestron 3-Series Control Systems Support BACnet
By Curtis Emery · August 22, 2012 • BACnet/IP support transforms Crestron 3-Series Control Systems into IP-based control platforms for connected systems.

25 Best A/V Apps and Workhorses
By Dave Sniadak · August 16, 2012 • As a sign of the times in the changing landscape of the A/V technology industry, mobile technology has become a saving grace for many professionals. Here are 25 of the best apps you’ll find on tech-savvy pro’s mobile devices.

TechDecisions Guide to Auditorium Video Projectors
By Dave Sniadak · August 8, 2012 • Evaluating projectors for auditoriums requires close attention to contrast ratio, lumens, lens choice, lamp life and support for a variety of sources. From campus classrooms, to corporate and training facilities, to multi-tiered houses of worship to gymnasiums and - we provide everything you need to know to make a sound decision.

AMX Enova DVX All-In-One Presentation Switchers Now Shipping
By Chrissy Winske · August 6, 2012 • The Enova DVX T models are made for AV over IT networks and offer integrators a flexible solution for use with meeting spaces of any size.

TechDecisions Guide To Wireless Microphones For Houses of Worship
By TD Staff · July 24, 2012 • Download this TechDecision Guide to Buying a Wireless Microphone System to help you make a purchasing decision for your house of worship and church facility. 6 complete systems and configurations with specs for each, plus 8 buying tips.

Lighting Control in the Boardroom and Beyond
By Lisa Nadile · July 23, 2012 • Whether you are lighting a boardroom or a lobby, thinking about how the space will be used will dictate the lighting control you use.

3 Hands-down, Must Have, Great Lighting iPhone Apps
By TD Staff · July 18, 2012 • Professional lighting designer, Oaks said that the Whitegoods iPhone App is as accurate as the expensive device he had been using for many years. And it’s free. Two other must-have lighting apps: For $29.99 the Light Source iPhone and iPad app is a fully functional photometric calculator for industry professionals. Spending $99.99 on an App might sound crazy, but the Luminair DMX Lighting Control iPhone App might be in that special category, “You get what you pay for.” The DMX lighting control software allows users to wirelessly control lighting fixtures, dimmers, consoles, and media servers all via a Wi-Fi connection — and much more.

Introducing Frederick J. Ampel, TechDecisions, Chief AV Advisor
By TD Staff · July 11, 2012 • Introducing Frederick J. Ampel, TechDecisions, Chief AV Advisor. We have come to depend on Frederick’s expertise so much that we decided to make his presence more formal. In his new advisory role as TechDecisions, Chief Audio Adviser, Frederick will be sounding off in a weekly blog as well as answering any of your audio questions, contributing articles and vetting all things audio.

TechDecisions Guide to Podium and Lectern Microphones for Houses of Worship - Download
By TD Staff · July 10, 2012 • Download this TechDecision Guide to Buying a Podium or Lectern Microphone to help you make a purchasing decision for your house of worship. Plus 5 buying tips.

10 Video Apps for Android and Apple Devices
By TD Staff · July 3, 2012 • 10 of the best apps to determine video projector throw ranges, screen size and other setup calculations with your mobile device.

Mitsubishi Electric Presents its New High-Performance, Large-Venue Projectors
By Debakshi Dey Sarkar · June 27, 2012 • Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America, Inc. recently announced its new XL7100U, WL7200U and UL7400U high-brightness LCD projectors designed for large venues such as meeting rooms, church sanctuaries, museums and auditoriums.

Two Approaches to Network Performance Management at Your Church
By Leslie T. O'Neill · June 21, 2012 • Two solutions, Cisco Medianet and AppNeta take different approaches to managing video traffic on the network.

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