AVer’s Video Conferencing Bridge Supports Up to 10 Endpoints
By TD Staff · May 21, 2013 • The new EMC1000 allows for video collaboration anywhere and anytime for under $7,500.

Special Report: Guide to Incorporating Video Projectors in Your Church
By TD Staff · May 6, 2013 • Free Worship TechDecisions Download. Special Report: Guide to Incorporating Video Projectors in Your Church. Start here if you are looking for everything you need to know before you buy a video projector. We help you understand what to look for such as the number of lumens, throw distance and throw ratio -- and what those mean. From the video processor to connections needed and making sure latency isn't an issue. We've got you covered if you are looking to get started. 10 Buying Video Projector Buying Tips, Hire an Integrator or Do It Yourself?

Chief Creates a Little Something Interactive for Epson Projectors
By TD Staff · May 3, 2013 • The new system combines a Chief mount and a Da-Lite screen.

ReadyTalk Adds Video Conferencing Option
By TD Staff · April 24, 2013 • The company also offers audio conferencing, Web conferencing, webinars and Web events.

Vaddio Debuts PowerVIEW HD-22 and HD-30 PTZ Cameras
By TD Staff · April 22, 2013 • Both of the new cameras are built around Maicovicon MOS imaging sensor technology.

Gefen’s Daisy Chain HD System Can Connect 100 Displays
By TD Staff · April 18, 2013 • The setup can daisy chain from one display to the next using voice over IP technology.

Elite Makes Electric Free-Standing Projection Screen Available
By TD Staff · April 15, 2013 • The portable Kestrel Stage Series is perfect for a variety of commercial applications.

Boxlight Debuts ProjectoWrite5 Interactive Projectors
By TD Staff · April 14, 2013 • The new line features dual screen and dual pen interaction.

The Perfect A/V Meeting Space
By Joy Zaccaria · March 29, 2013 • The right equipment for a meeting space can add to the success of a gathering. The better experience provided more professional you represent yourself. Learn how to use A/V technology to reduce distractions and return the focus to the presenter.

St Joseph’s University Converts Chapel into Welcome Center with Impressive A/V
By Dan Daley · March 26, 2013 • St Joseph's University renovated a chapel on campus into a state-of-the-art welcome center with impressive A/V including a 1080p video system, Panasonic WUXGA DLP projector, a Draper retractable 108 x 192-inch screen, 60-inch Sharp LED monitors, ENTASYS high-performance column-type line arrays, iBOX iHP3594 three-way cabinets, two i215LVS dual 15-inch subwoofers and Crown CTs amplification powers the system, with DSP.

Hitachi Debuts CP-X3030WN and CP-X2530WN 3LCD Projectors
By TD Staff · March 21, 2013 • The new models include networking features, better brightness, iPad compatibility, and more.

Special Report – Guide to Creating the AV RFP
By TD Staff · March 19, 2013 • Free download. This Special Report: Guide to Creating the AV Request for Proposal (RFP). If you are an AV or IT director, CTO, CIO, CFO, AV tech, school district administrator, principal, lead pastor or in the role of needing to create an RFP for AV systems integration. This guide will help you define your scope, create a timeline as well as tips on what to look for choosing an AV systems integrator. Facilities such as corporate, K-12, colleges and universities, health care, bars, restaurants, hotels, casinos and houses of worship can benefit from this report.

ViewSonic Puts Dual Pen Interactivity into PJD8 Projectors
By TD Staff · March 19, 2013 • These ultra-short throw projectors offer wireless streaming, remote operation, and more.

DSE 2013 - Video Wall Lineup That Pushes All of the Boundaries
By TD Staff · March 12, 2013 • DSE 2013 featured many video walls that are coming down in price making them an option for any facility looking to deliver a huge impact with digital signage messaging -- from higher education and corporate campuses to health care, to hotels, casinos and restaurants. LED backlighting LCD technology is being used to increase power efficiency. Check out video wall displays shown at the Digital Signage Expo 2013: LG, NEC, ViewSonic, Samsung, NanoLumens, Panasonic, Philips, Planar, Christie Digital, DynaScan, Sharp and Mitsubishi

Special Report: The Impact of AV Over IP for Your Facility
By TD Staff · February 26, 2013 • Download this TechDecisions Media Special Report to learn about the key benefits and elements of AV over IP and creating true A/V and IT convergence within your facility.

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