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Sneak Peek at Scala 5 Release 6 Digital Signage Software
By TD Staff · March 6, 2012 • The new software can generate messages by pulling content from a variety of sources.

Selecting Displays for Your New Digital Signage
By Daniel P. Dern · March 1, 2012 • Learn how best to select your digital signage displays for the greatest impact and to provide the best information.

Sharp Modules Make PC-Free Digital Signage Possible
By TD Staff · February 29, 2012 • The LR0G951 and LR0G952 put the main components of a digital signage player on one circuit board.

TE Connectivity Debuts Video Distribution System
By TD Staff · February 17, 2012 • The company's new solution allows for HD distribution over existing cabling.

Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft Surface 2.0 Software
By TD Staff · February 13, 2012 • The Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft Surface 2.0 Software and PixelSense is a huge smart device that supports apps, a cool table, a digital signage display, a multi-touch interactive learning surface and more.

Planar Clarity Matrix 3D Video Wall Debuts
By TechDecisions · February 2, 2012 • Planar Systems has introduced a slew of video wall solutions at ISE 2012, including the Clarity Matrix 3D.

Pain Points Facing Users of Digital Signage for Security
By Daniel P. Dern · January 24, 2012 • The importance of this digital signage as a security tool means that the technical and management issues that accompany it are also that much more imperative.

Scala and IAdea Promote Customized Digital Signage
By TD Staff · January 18, 2012 • Scala and IAdea are working together to put HTML5 into a new crop of devices.

Let Digital Signage Lead the Way for Your Parishioners
By Robin Miller · January 18, 2012 • Say goodbye to cardboard and marker signs. A host of digital signs are available to welcome, inform, and help keep safe your parishioners. Whether you’re looking for a simple way to provide directions, or a sign that describes a long day’s events in detail, digital signage is the most versatile tool available.

Manufacturer Q&A: Talking Digital Signage with AMX’s Philip Loeper
By TechDecisions · January 12, 2012 • Philip Loeper, Senior Manager of Digital Signage for AMX, talks about how the company is utilizing its Inspired Xpress and Inspired Xpert platforms to ease the integration of digital signage beyond the common retail spaces.

A Talk with Jason Kuisel, Digital Signage Expert from Innovative Markets
By Robin Miller · December 28, 2011 • In a brief interview with digital signage expert Jason Kuisel, managing partner of Innovative Markets, we learn the trends and concerns facing you as you work with these tools.

Digital Signage for House of Worship Facilities: What You Need to Know
By TD Staff · December 14, 2011 • Adding digital signage to augment or replace one or more print communications could save your house of worship facility money. Get started calculating the ROI.

Download the Fellowship Church Case Study
By AMX · November 20, 2011 • Religious services at Fellowship Church include theatrical sights and sounds, all integrated through AMX, to captivate the congregation and attract new members. Download this paper to learn more.

EAW Introduces MicroWedge 12 Stage Monitors
By Robert Archer · November 14, 2011 • Also known as the MW12, these compact wedges can be used for concert sound, theaters and clubs.

Download the Digital Signage Solutions Paper
By AMX · November 7, 2011 • AMX offers two digital signage solutions to meet a variety of user needs. Inspired XPert provides digital signage with superior graphics in an easy-to-use solution that is subscription free. The IS-200 player supports 1080p at 60 frames per second with processing power to simultaneously display HD video, images, text, and internet feeds.

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