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Cinema Culture: New Multimedia in a Repurposed Space
By Jeremy Mika · September 8, 2014 • When Lifesong Church moved from a portable theater church to a permanent facility, they made sure to maintain the high-quality multimedia experience that their attendees had always enjoyed.

Chauvet Helps Paragon 360 Revitalize Cottage Hill Baptist Stage
By TD Staff · September 5, 2014 • Recent renovations at Cottage Hill Baptist Church in Mobile, AL, include several Chauvet lighting fixtures.

Eight Years Later: One Louisiana Church’s A/V Still Deals with Hurricane Katrina
By Dan Daley · July 16, 2013 • Eight years later, much of that physical infrastructure has been reallocated, with offices and Sunday school moved to different parts of the H-shaped main building and the church itself moved back into its original location inside the structure. But the actual rebuilding is still underway, slowly, hampered by lack of funds and seemingly endless bureaucratic speed bumps. After Hurricane Sandy hit the U.S. east coast, Butch Levy, the multimedia coordinator for the First United, says his experience with Katrina could serve as a guide for other churches that may someday find themselves in the path of a major natural disaster.

Fujifilm Unveils Wide Angle and Telephoto Lens Models
By TD Staff · April 9, 2013 • FujiFilm is showing two preliminary lens models at NAB 2013: The Premier PL 14-28mm Cabrio wide angle lens, model ZK2x14 and the XA55x9.5 HDTV Telephoto Box Style lens. The Cabrio is best suited for ENG or Cine style shooting. The XA55x9.5 HDTV Telephoto Box Style lens is designed for sporting events, houses of worship, corporate presentations or concerts.

3 Video Production Apps for Your Next Presentation for iOS and Android
By Curtis Emery · February 20, 2013 • A collection of three video production apps that follow your media rich presentation from shooting to upload. FiLMiC Pro, Videolicious and Vimeo accommodate each step of the video presentation process. Camera enhancers, robust slideshow options and video upload options are essential to presenting a competent media rich presentation--it is even better when you can consolidate the process on your mobile device.

Avid Studio App for iPad — Edit Video Like a Real Pro
By TD Staff · February 1, 2013 • The undeniable granddaddy of professional video editing software is Avid — going all the way back to the days of — film. Getting time on an Avid editing system in a video production house can cost a couple of hundred dollars an hour. The Avid Studio iPad app is only $4.99.

The Growth of Satellite Churches is Leading to a Change A/V Strategy
By Dan Daley · January 29, 2013 • The Mountain Springs Church plans on growing the number of satellite locations in the next few decades but it is already developing an A/V installation and upgrade policy. Most recently, the church purchased three DiGiCo SD series digital mix consoles and uses a Panasonic PTW6300 6000 ANSI projector at their two locations. They also use Black Magic Design video switchers and ProPresenter projection systems. Sight and Sound Technologies did both installations.

Top 5 A/V Integrators in the Worship Market
By Mark Mayfield · September 25, 2012 • Learn from top worship market integrators how best to work with them and how they feel they should work with you. The top worship integrators are All Pro Sound, CCI Solutions, Church Audio-Video, Clark Powell, Visual Worshiper.

When Environmental Projection Is Taken Too Far
By Aaron Stern · September 13, 2012 • Environmental projection is meant to enhance a worship service. Many people, including Camron Ware, the man who first brought environmental projection to the church, say that too often the message of the Bible is lost in all the pretty lights.

The Rise of Environmental Projection in Houses of Worship
By Aaron Stern · September 13, 2012 • Tips from the pros. Churches are increasingly using high-lumen projectors to dramatically transform the entire look of their sanctuaries, embracing the growing trend of environmental projection. Environmental projection changes walls from dead boring white to be transformed into an engaging canvas so we can tell the story of God on it.

Mitsubishi Electric Presents its New High-Performance, Large-Venue Projectors
By Debakshi Dey Sarkar · June 27, 2012 • Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America, Inc. recently announced its new XL7100U, WL7200U and UL7400U high-brightness LCD projectors designed for large venues such as meeting rooms, church sanctuaries, museums and auditoriums.

Streaming Media Encoder Tips: A Q&A
By Leslie O'Neill · April 12, 2012 • Network engineer and live sound engineer Ron Guensche specializes in audio and video technology in the studio and on location. He works with ednet (Entertainment Digital Network).

Critical Church Video Production Upgrade to Serve 20,000 Members
By Llanor Alleyne · January 25, 2012 • Rock Church’s video director shares how the church recently upgraded to an integrated video production system while taking into consideration converting some equipment from analog to digital.

Loudspeaker Placement and Design in Churches
By Chuck W Walthall · December 9, 2011 • As we say in the South, “There are many ways to skin a opossum.” Such is the loudspeaker design process: each designer has his own way. Some processes are very simple and some are extremely scientific. The following article outlines some of the most fundamental elements that all loudspeaker design processes must take into consideration. We will forgo discussing the types of loudspeakers, (two-way, three-way, subwoofers, etc.), and focus on the fundamental purpose of loudspeaker systems, define basic design criteria, and outline design configurations.

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