Volunteer Recruitment: Finding, Keeping Tech Volunteers
By Marcus Hammond · March 23, 2017 • The best techs will find your ministry on their own. They love it. They can’t help but help.

Planning Worship Like Ron Howard
By Greg Stovell · March 20, 2017 • On our planning desk at First Presbyterian in West Chester, Pennsylvania, we will have one single Sunday worship theme, surrounded by many Post-It Notes, including a collection of 20 possible praise songs.

Service Planning: Three Truths Behind Crafting A Weekend
By Micah Ogle · March 20, 2017 • Each and every week, planning for a Sunday requires meeting deadlines, working through checklists, while not forgetting that God has entrusted us to handle holy things.

Volunteer Recruitment: Where to Look For Audio Engineers?
By Grant Norsworthy · March 17, 2017 • Searching for a volunteer audio tech? The drummer might be your best choice!

WFX REACH: Grow Your Tech and Worship Arts Teams
By TD Staff · March 14, 2017 • Scheduled for May 15-16, 2017, come to Raleigh, N.C., to help grow the skills of your church's tech and worship arts teams.

How to Get and Keep Great Volunteers
By Van Metschke · March 14, 2017 • Among the many ways: Consistently encourage members of the Tech Team to seek out and find others that might be great additions to the team.

Recruiting Volunteers: Strike While the Iron is Hot
By Mark Hanna · March 13, 2017 • When you are passionate about your work, it’s obvious, it’s attractive and it’s infectious. Let your passion show in how you discuss technology, but more importantly why there is technology in the church.

Digital Audio Consoles: A Look at Signal Routing to Workflows, Other Basics
By Debbie Keough · March 13, 2017 • Walk a console operator through five basic areas, and it's likely they'll be well on their way to being successful with their console, regardless of the manufacturer.

8 Emotionally Intelligent Ways to Deal with a Difficult Volunteer
By Keri Rafter · March 9, 2017 • It might be an ego thing, an entitlement thing, or a power thing — you have to deal with the issue involving the volunteer, no matter what.

Ministry Recruiting: An Amazing, Militant Process
By Gregory Kayne · March 8, 2017 • Recruiting volunteers to do anything requires the perfect mix of relationship and purpose.

Volunteer Recruitment: Truly All About Relationships
By Ralph Hicks · March 8, 2017 • In seeking to bring in volunteers, potential new recruits should feel like they are missing out by not being a part of your community.

Two-Way Street: Plan and Evaluate
By Greg Saffles · March 3, 2017 • Remember that our responsibility in the church is not to have the greatest Sunday morning services and processes, but to raise up and invest in the people God has given us.

Volunteer Recruitment: Recruit Young, Train Well, Build Relationships
By Mike Paschal · March 2, 2017 • While much of the focus on the job is to deal with technology, don't forget about the need to minister to others.

Volunteer Recruitment: Begin By Stewarding Your Team
By Justin Firesheets · March 1, 2017 • As tempting as it might be, avoid looking to stick potential volunteers into a team's most gaping holes that are desperate to be filled, instead of where they could be slotted to fit their desire or gifting.

Our Easter Production Story: Designing a Movement
By Nathan VonMinden · March 1, 2017 • Seeking to go in a new direction prior to rolling out its Neighbor series, Grace Point Church in San Antonio came across a simple phrase where the church could get behind a strong message: #LoveYourNeighbor.

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